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Hi I am Jovial_eel I live in the United Kingdom (UK) -You will love the our aquariums, theme... #31 Start the conversation! 23/4/21
Aren’t you worried that people with extremist views (for example:... #18 Don't miss out! 22/1/21
How can we make the world a better place if most of the stuff we used to do when we made it... #18 Don't miss out! 20/1/21
I found researching protests really interesting and when I started writing I really got into it... #17 Report back! 15/1/21
My job will be to plan an entertaining party The stuff you need to have to be a festive party... #16 - Festive job vacancy! 21/12/20
I think creativity is the most important because when you make something you can make it into... #14 - Star skill! 07/12/20
A extinct job is a lamplighter. Electric lights are pretty great. You can flip them on and... #13 - Extinct jobs 01/12/20
A job that has gone extinct is a pinsetter We used to have pinsetters because in a bowling... #13 - Extinct jobs 01/12/20
A job that has gone extinct is a town crier. Before radio, television, and internet, people... #13 - Extinct jobs 01/12/20
On a street near me is Tesco,s t is about 10 min away you really need to be careful This... #12 - A street near you! 24/11/20
I would like to be a neurosurgeon because I would love to help people and save lives donate to... #11 - You're hired! 17/11/20
When I am older I would like to be a doctor or a scientist because I would like to help people,... #11 - You're hired! 16/11/20
I will add more later #11 - You're hired! 16/11/20
My robot would be called Arthur Menethil he would always be kind and nice to you he is happy... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
Working will help you Our work is unique to us Reality is amazing Knowing what you want to do #9 - Acrostic Poem 06/11/20
Where we help others Outside, world and others Respecting lots of people killing it by doing... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
Workers try their best no matter what happens. Organisation's plan together with others. Read... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
Wow we are awesome workers. Other people, you and earth matter. Really help the world and... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
We do hard work Our planet needs us Rely on friends to help you when something bad... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20
We all need to act to save our planet Other people need to try their best Recycling is good... #9 - Acrostic Poem 05/11/20