#29 Wet headline

13 April 2022
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Winners Announced

All of your suggestions to fix the wet headline were great! But there were two creative problem-solvers who stood out from the crowd for their unique ideas and explanations. The winners are…

shrewd_bird of Sacred Heart Hammersmith in the United Kingdom, who described how bullying causes problems for people of all ages


affable_atmosphere of Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria, whose headline about social media was based on personal experience.

Excellent work!

The Competition

To enter the competition this week, you'll need a bit of creativity.

Unfortunately someone has spilled water on this newspaper and some of the key words in the headline have become blurred. What could they be?

Fill in the missing words to complete the headline, then explain why this headline is important.

Wet newspaper where the first and last word have are damaged and unreadable. The only visible words read "causes problems for"

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first and try not to repeat someone else's idea
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • You could structure your entry like this: "I think the headline should say X CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR X. This is an important headline because..."

Comments (58)

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  • I think the headline should say CRISIS CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR CHILDREN. This is an important headline because in times of crisis, most children are displaced from their families either because of death or because they were taken as prisoners of war. The children live through the trauma day after day especially if that person was killed right before their eyes, I've met young people who grew up in refugee camps before moving on for a fresh start all because of one form of crisis or another.

  • I think the headline should say war causes problems for food. This is a very crucial headline because it affects everyone in the world. For example, Russia is one of the top 5 most powerful countries according to usnews.com, if this powerful country should be at war (Ukraine) and draw the attention of another world power (the U.S) then of course food will be affected, not only between the countries in conflict but the other countries dependent of the exports and imports of Russia and the U.S.

  • I think the appropriate title is Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Prejudice. Because these factors have significant effects on society and individuals that may lead to problems.

  • I think the headline say:spread of the epidemic(covid19) because the covid 19 Made a huge impact on the world, because :1'It destroyed the economy'
    2' make life more difficult'

  • I think the title should refer to "Communities cause problems for the people!!"
    I chose this title and in my opinion it is more important "I think the newspaper is global!" Because this problem is global and so far I do not * see any society loyal to its country to this day..!
    Everyone suffers from their society, whether women, employees, salaries, etc...!

  • I think the headline should say women being bosses cause problems for men. This is because men think they are the head of the house so when a woman begin to boss around it becomes a problem for the man

    1. In what way is it a problem for the man, perceptive_artist, and whose job do you think it is to resolve it?

  • I think the headline could be "Conflict causes problems for billions "
    This is important cause at the time of any conflict happening in any country or between countries there are billions of people who suffer from it.
    Due to conflict there is shortage of feed which bring hunger to people, people lose the peace in their surroundings, in a violent conflict mamy people also lose their loved ones. So, the conflict does the physical, psychological as well as emotional damage to millions of people.

  • I think the apt title: Climate change is causing problems
    Because climate change is altering the availability of water, making it scarcer in more areas. Global warming exacerbates water shortages in water-poor regions, increases drought risks for agriculture, and thus affects crops, and environmental drought increases the vulnerability of ecosystems. Droughts can also trigger devastating sand and dust storms that can move billions of tons of sand through deserts.

  • I think the headline should say Crisis Causes Big Financial Crises. This is a very important title because it affects society in a very big way. For example, in wars, large amounts of money are postponed, which leads to the collapse of the stock market and the explosion of financial bubbles, and this causes great poverty in society and also causes massive famines due to financial crises.❤️❤️

  • I think one of the crises is the lack of development and economic dependency, as this reduces the workforce, and changes the beliefs and traditions of the state. And they will lose the sense of national and economic security, because society will be based on other countries to provide it with its needs, and there will be no complementarity, so please destroy something like this. But can we rely on ourselves? Can we do the work without needing anyone?

  • I believe that the headline should that "Conflicts Causes Problems for Children". I've said this because being a child experiencing war, hearing the projection an explosion of bombs, having your eyes feeding on bloody scenes, having no food, and being injured will definitely cause problems to children resulting in monsterous effects on their physical and mental health.

  • I think that the main title should refer to (the absence of social responsibility), which causes many serious problems for society, this is a major and important title because it is a social need for all individuals, and because it is the criterion for the development of society, and its absence raises the alarm because it threatens social stability and development...

  • "Humans causes problems for theirselves"
    that's the first thing that popped up in my head when i saw this for some reason, and I'm just being honest! All the problems that humans suffer from, they're the reason of, such as: diseases, pollution, etc.
    Don't misunderstand me, not ALL humans are the cause, but it's still the human race after all, am i right? So I'm positive what i said is pretty much comprehensive.

  • Technology is causing a problem for people

    It is a very important title, because it shows what are the side effects on human mental, physical and social health, as it negatively affects the brain as it cracks many harmful radiation that may cause his death, and it also makes a person lazy and does not like to move a lot, as the world has become in his hands from games and others , In the last said, I can say that technology has made man communicate with his family, friends and loved ones while he is in his place, so there is no need to visit grandfather and grandmother.

  • I think the headline is " Gender Bias Causes Problems For Women". It is important because it discussed one of the most sensitive and controversial issues in the world.It indicates that this issue results in negative troubles for women that affect her life. These problems can be physical, psychological or social.

  • I think the headline should say SOCIAL MEDIA CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR TEENAGERS. This is an important headline to me because social media has had a negative impact on my life by being very addictive to the screen. Because of the frequent use of social media, I had problems with my eye and because of that am presently wearing glasses.

  • I think that the headline should say our thinking, the causes of the problems of our difficult situations. This is an important title because our thinking causes problems, for example, when we judge an innocent person that he is wrong and that he did nothing, and what made us judge is wrong thinking, this is our wrong thinking, which is the reason for what we are in it now.

  • Bias cause problems for climate change.
    I chose this title because the bias between the old and the young is delaying countries in solving the problem of climate change. I think if there was no bias between all groups, the problem of climate change would have been solved.

  • I think that the title says the actions and words practiced by the youth and each category of society may cause corruption to the society if that is not true.

  • I think the title is "Poverty Causes Problems for All Kinds of Life".
    I chose this title because I believe that it is one of the most dangerous problems that threaten humanity and that we must expedite its solution and intensify efforts to get rid of it.
    Poverty is worsening and increasing with the passage of time, as it affects all aspects.
    Millions of people cannot provide the necessities of life such as food, drink or clothing, and some of them die of starvation
    Collaboration to solve all problems.
    (Together we fight poverty)

  • “I think that the headline should refer to * the effects of a war * causing problems for society. This is an important headline because now there is a global war between Ukraine, Russia and other countries and the effects of the war have affected the whole society, especially the “youth” and this thing is annoying because the solution is in their hands But they alone can not resist the enemy!

  • Hello, I would like to participate
    I think the place of the first spilled water is wars, and the second is a global vacuum that terrifies, and together, “wars become one of the causes of global problems that terrify.”
    I wish everyone to win and
    thank you💖💖

  • I think the headline could be EDUCATION CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR LOGIC. The education system is crucial for any nation because it will strongly affect how young people think of the world. A bad or underdeveloped education will result in youngsters misunderstanding the world and therefore have a very narrow perspective in viewing important problems.

  • I think the words say “Hunger causes problem for children.”I said this because with all these people across the world suffering from hunger and poverty it is leaving them with little hope to survive meaning having no food is causing lots of problem for these poor children.

  • I think the title for this picture talks about climate change and how the environment is made impure

  • I think the main title is "financial crises"we live in available world and we maybe exposed to a financial crisis and we in the Gaza strip are exposed to financial crises every second because of the siege imposed on us by the Zionist occupation

  • I think the headline should say BULLYING CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES as not only are young children being bullied, adults are being bullied too. Bullies can cause depression, sadness, anger and a sense of not knowing what to do.

  • I think the headline could be WHAT CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR CHILDREN ?

  • I think the headline should say Gender Inequality Causes Problems For People. This is an important headline because it talks about the problems we have in our society and the fact that we need to solve it.

  • I think the filled in words should be WAR CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR EVERYONE. I think this because, for example, if you are an adult with children then you would get stressed, worried and panic as you would need to look after children and you might have to fight in the war. This could result in you passing away or, if the side you are fighting for loses, then you may be put in prison and your family may suffer. Finally, if you are a child you might be sent away as it might be too dangerous for you to stay there as there might be bombs, you would be separated from your family, and if you were an aging man or woman then you would be worried sick and that could cause many problems such as fainting and heart attack.

  • I think it should say wars causes problems for everyone.
    I chose this title because I believe that it is one of the most dangerous problems that threaten everyone and not just humans. Wars don't happen a lot but at this time people are arguing and then that is how was start and also wars happen in other countries but no one are aware of them.

  • I think the headline says bias causes problems for both the young and the old, for both genders and for all nations. I say this because bias is the foundation for all problems. Not just gender, not just race but almost everything can be as a result of bias and every one can be biased.

  • I think the headline should say GIVENESS CAUSE PROBLEM FOR CHILDREN. This is an important headline because, sometimes children give information that they are not suppose to.

  • I think the headline should say” Conflict Causes Problems for the World”. I said this because it shows us that people are suffering from the effects of conflicts because they had an argument or disagreement with people in another country, plus the people attacked could be deciding to start a war that will make people not to do things freely or live in peace

  • " Unregulated exposure to information causes problems for humans ". I think this is an important headline because We are continuously consuming an overwhelming amount of diverse content it is difficult to filter out the correct/right information from the stack. A study by ESIR UK suggests that 1 in every three people experience some type of infoxication and simultaneously approx. 571 websites are created every minute.

  • I think that the title is wars, the causes of world problems. As we see that the current war between Russia and Ukraine has exacerbated the hunger crisis in the world, and the wars have also affected the rate of vulnerability to climate change.

  • I think the headlines should be climate change causes problems for all living things. I say this because climate change causes a lot of problems from hunger to homelessness and even the deaths of millions of people. We need to take action now by educating people about the effects and dangers of climate change by planting trees that will absorb the green house gases that destroy the ozone layers which leads to the aftermath of global warming.

  • Ithink the headline should say GENDER INEQUALITY CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR BOTH SEXES. This is an important headline because/Women are subjected to injustice at home, work and social life, as for men, revolutions and demonstrations occur against them, and this can reach some people that men are only bad, this is not true and causes wrong repercussions, and gender discrimination can lead to other dangerous things.....

  • Skin problems cause psychological problems for teenagers. I think it's important brcause it is related to our mental health. We are in an era that sanctifics perfection and being teenagers makes it worse. So we suffer from something like phobia of anything that might look imperfect. We are always in a state of confusion between accepting ourselves as we are or trying to fix it.

  • I think the headline should be bias causes problems for both genders.
    This is important because both genders are experiencing different types of biases especially the women. From our discussions on the student hub we have seen biases such as denial of promotion, not going to school, being forced to stay at home and take care of children and so on, so we need to tackle this issues if not it can cause big problems for people.

  • I think that artificial intelligence causes problems for the environment. This is an important major title because we have relied on artificial intelligence that increases environmental problems and gradually we dispense with natural things and over time it increases the problems of global warming.

  • I think the title should refer to: Divorce Causes Problems for Boys
    I chose this title because this is a very important title in our lives because when parents divorce they cause their children psychological, emotional, social and health problems and their educational level that affects them in their lives, so we need to reduce this phenomenon that is widespread in the world.

  • I think the title should refer to some men causing problems for women. This is an important headline because some men don't like seeing women succeed because of the gender bias.

  • I think the headline should say PATRIARCHY CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR COMMUNITIES. This is an important headline because..."Patriarchy promotes male domination and creates unequal communities where women are subjected to different forms of violence and inequalities. Men also suffer in a patriachal society since they are expected to conform to societal prescription of what boys and men ought to be. If patriachy is not addressed, communities will continue to experience the negative impact of gender inequality.

  • I think the headline should say "Gender Inequality Causes Problem For All". We all need each other for the community to work well either as men or women in which all of us would agree, so if we don't work together there would be so many problems. So, imagine a world where instead of the problem of the gender equality gap getting better it becomes worst, how would the world be?

  • I think that the headline talk's about Chrisis causes problems for childhood and the important thing about this is that when there's no Parents in the house 🏘️ the children will be scared because they have no guardians in the house.

  • I think it is Gender bias causes problems for children and I chose these words because I feel that children who are made to believe that gender bias should exist is a problem because they grow up with the idea and they teach their children and it goes on and on and on. On Monday my cousins came over and they wanted to play so I gave the girls a blue ball and they told me they couldn't play with it because it's not a girly colour and their mum told them that blue is for boys while pink is for girls and I was was thinking if they grow up like this then they would deprive themselves of a lot of things just because of the colour or what people say about it. Parents should educate their children on gender bias and the dangers so it can be curbed

  • I think the headline should say:Gender inequality causes problems for children's education.For example in some Islamic countries like Afghanistan,girls aren't allowed to go to school or go out without a man and wearing a hijab is strictly compulsory.
    In case women doesn't respect those rules given by the taliban , they will be punished(hittten) hardly .
    However, men are totally free and are allowed to do anything the want and this is affecting women,children specifically and their education and is also spreading illiteracy and and complecation.
    As you can see this is a serious problem that needs to be solved,quickly.

  • I think the headline should say "Gender bias causes problems to women" because women will have troubles getting studying entering colleges, getting jobs or marrying the ones they love.

  • I think the headline should say :“ Sexism causes problems for women” . This is an important headline because it is so frequent in our days: we see that women are rejected from work and other activities. In some places, they favour men, respect them, pay them more than women. Women are deprived from their personal liberty. Now we should change and spread equality in this world for a better life.

  • I think the headline should say “Racism causes problems for students”. This is an important headline because racism creates a society where people don’t respect and trust each other. There are no reasons or excuses for racism. It’s just wrong and in many cases, racism is against the law. Racism also affects people’s general well-being and lives when they are denied equal access to education, rights to express their opinions, and opportunities to work and decide for themselves.

  • I think the headline should say “The war in Ukraine causes problems for the world”. This is an important headline because this war increased the problems of refugees around the world, widened the gap between the two main camps, supporting or against Russia, and as most of the countries depend on the vital supplies that Ukraine used to produce for the entire world, this tightened the chances of building back after the pandemic.

  • I think the headline should say: " Bullying causes problems for pupils". This is an important headline because bullying can affect the pupils' mental, physical and emotional health. It can also lead to some serious physical injuries , social and psychological troubles and in some cases can even lead to death.

  • I think the headline should be: ”Gender bias causes problems for the world”. This is because gender bias affects every level of society from institutions and governments. It doesn’t only affect women. This creates inequity between different genders and can cause hatred.

  • I think the headline should say: " Gender inequality causes problems for the future generations". This is an important headline because every day, children see gender inequality in their homes and communities in books, in the media, and among the adults who care for them. Also in their houses, they see unequal responsibility for household work. This will affect the way they think of the matter and will lead to either the acceptance of inequality in all its aspects or denial of social norms and a strong feeling of deprivation and hatred

  • Divorce causes problems for children and I say that this is an important title because when the parents divorce, the children will lack one of the parents and this will negatively affect them because they will feel hatred and anger from one of the parents or jealous of their friends.

  • I say that the title is famines that cause problems for the state and the family and this is an important title because famines result from wars and damage to agricultural crops, which leads to the spread of famine and poverty and an increase in the death rate in the country and the spread of epidemics and diseases in the family and the whole country.

  • I think the headline should say: 'Rising temperatures causes problems for food availability', this is important because many studies show that with rising temperatures, food production will decrease as technology needed now to mitigate climate changes will cause energy prices to rise -lowering the amount of people able to afford producing food. Also, the obvious problems of different temperatures directly affecting the growth of many food stuffs such as: coffee, corn, wheat, chocolate (cocoa), seafood, beans/pulses and some fruits like cherries and grapes. These are only part of the problems which could make thousands- possibly hundreds of thousands- of people suffer without the means to gain access to foods.