#35 Attention for animals!

16 June 2022

Winners announced!

Thank you for sharing all your reflections on different animals which deserve an international day of recognition! There have been some great comments! But there can only be two winners... and this time they are:

fearless_mulberry of Makini Academy in Kenya, who has suggested beavers for their help to slow floodwaters.


aware_painting of Shouka Prep Girls School in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, who has recommended ants for their work in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Well done!

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close on Wednesday 25th May for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday 26th May. Good luck!

The Competition
trusting_pear's bees comment

Friday 20th May is International Bee Day - a day where people around the world think about how important bees are and come together to protect them. We think trusting_pear of Shohour High Public School in Lebanon nicely sums up why bees are so important in their comment above.

For this week's competition your challenge is to decide on a different animal which deserves an international day of recognition. For example, it could be because it does a job for humans, has a special skill or needs protection. This week, the winners will be picked based on the quality of their explanations, so don't forget to say why you picked that animal.

Top Tips
  • You could structure your entry like this: "I think that _____ should have an international day of recognition BECAUSE..."
  • Read the other entries first and try to choose an animal that hasn't already been said
  • Make your entry personal to you - there are no wrong answers

Comments (30)

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  • I think that fish should have an international day of recognition because if there are no fish in our rivers, oceans or seas, some populations-like the Japanese- may not be able to continue eating their original dishes.

  • I think that a Sunda tiger should have an international recognition day because Sunda tigers are critically endangered and if you kill 50 tigers every year, then after 8 years the tiger population will go extinct! According to WWF, there are less than 400 Sunda tigers in the wild and there are only 2 or 3 reserves in India and Indonesia. Why not Adopt a Sunda Tiger and turn their nightmares into a dream!

  • I think that Vaquitas should have an international day of recognition because they are critically endangered! I think they should get attention because they are the mammals that are illegally killed and they keep dying by drowning from fishing gear. According to the WWF, there are fewer than 10 Vaquitas in the ocean.

  • I believe that whales should have an international day of recognition because, while they are out in the ocean providing up to 50% of our oxygen, we are killing whales for "scientific reasons" showing no appreciation for what they are doing for us. On top of this, while we are facing sudden climate change, whales, and other species, are suffering and facing the problems we have started/ brought upon this world. After people start to notice this shocking revelation we should start an international day for whales and many more possible species that live both above and underwater.

  • I believe that Narwhals should have an international day of recognition. Narwhals are special because they help scientists learn more about climate change. If Narwhals did not exist, it would cause a large increase in the aformentioned organisims and they are indangered species.

  • I think that Arctic Fox should have an international day of recognition because they are being hunted down for their fur and risk becoming extinct if this doesn't stop. This is going to end in extinction so why not give these poor Arctic Foxes a celebration for them! Furthermore, these creatures are intelligent and beautiful.

  • I think that Blue Whales should have an international day of recognition because in 25 years they will go extinct. Blue Whales were hunted down for lamp oil, soap, perfume, candles and cosmetics and many more. Blue whales do not have many years left on earth they are also harmless and they don't give any harm to the earth there are only 10,000 to 25,000 Blue Whales left on earth.

  • I believe that the animal of dogs should have an international day of recognition because dogs are not only among the pets spread all over the world but also from the animals that are beneficial to humanity, as studies have proven that dogs help humans to boost oxytocin levels, and they also help humans get out of depression Because they are good companions, help boost the immune system, and according to reports from the American Heart Association, dogs help lower blood sugar, and this is what makes them among the most important animals beneficial to humans.
    Also, elephants are one of the most important creatures on the planet, and one of the most important roles of elephants is to maintain the biological diversity of the ecosystem in which we live .

  • I think the elephant should have an international day of recognition because elephants are in danger of being poached in the ivory trade, only males have tusks, and females may largely survive poaching. However, a growing trade in elephant skin, used in jewelry, threatens both males and females alike. Small wild elephants are also smuggled from Myanmar to Thailand for the tourism trade that leads to the extinction of elephants and if awareness is not spread among the people, it will lead to the extinction of elephants and their failure to see them in the natural environment.

  • I think that elephants should have a an international day of recondition because lots of the elephant’s tusk is remove to sell for money and it’s is going extinct and not everyone will see n elephant in their live and will be missed.

  • Silk can be made from more then Silkworm.
    You can get Silk from spiders

  • I think the black rhino deserves a world day because it is threatened with extinction because poachers are looking for horns to use in medicine in China or to sell them at exorbitant prices, and it is estimated that there are only 4000 remaining animals

  • I think that beavers should have a world day because in dry areas, beaver ponds restore moisture to the soil; in wet zones, their dams and ponds can help to slow floodwaters. Which is of course extremely helpful to the environment let alone the earth.

  • I think that it is possible that ants are the animal that deserves to have a day to be recognized as an animal that maintains the balance of the ecosystem as it spreads seeds and works on aerating the soil, and its ability to decompose organic matter, and enters into some medicines and antibiotics, and not forgetting its entry into industries The cosmetic that is extracted from the eggs of ant oil to solve all skin problems...

  • I think that the Beaver must have an international day of recognition Because they combat climate change, as they considered ecosystem engineers, for that their ponds; in dry areas, help restore moisture to the soil, and when they burrow in wet zones they can help slow down the floodwaters. These ecological services by beaver are so helpful that land managers are translocating beavers in the U.S. and the UK to help restore ecosystems and make them suitable and flexible to climate change. In addition, Beavers also build lodges, that can be homes for other animals such muskrats, minks, and river otterns, protecting them and saving them from extinction.

  • I think that tigers should have a better live and not be close to extinction with fewer than 3,900 tigers in the wild.The tigers are being treated by people hunting them and habit loss around the world.This information has only occurred in the last 10 years. People could help solve this problem by spreading the word and telling people to stop hunting them because that tiger does help the environment in some way or another.It is a big problem in the enorviment

  • I think that ANTS should have an international day of recognition BECAUSE ants aid in decomposition and turn up more soil than earthworms. When ants dig tunnels, they aerate the soil and recycle nutrients. This activity is ecologically crucial in maintaining healthy soil for plant (food) growth. Ants even help reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and the need for irrigation.

  • I think earthworms need and international day or regognition as they eat our old, useless soil and poo out helpful, nutritional soil for us to plant our fruit and veg

  • I think everything deserves a national day of recognition because everything relies on something to survive e.g humans need trees to survive because we need oxygen to breathe and food to eat and frequently animals produce that food by getting slaughtered and turned into certain food then digested this supports that we can't live on our own.

  • I think that cows should have an international day to be recognized because people need milk and its derivatives because it is a complete food and we use their meat for eating and their skin to make shoes and clothes and their dung is used as fertilizer for the earth, because this is why the cow deserves a day to celebrate it.

  • I think that amur leopards should have an international day of recognition.
    It is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List as in 2007, only 19–26 wild leopards were estimated. I think its really sad that they are being killed just for their skins. Why are Amur leopards so important? Amur leopards are the top predator in their ecosystem, and as a result they helped maintain the species ratio in their region. Amur leopards hunt prey living in their ecosystem and without these leopards, the populations of their prey will skyrocket causing further disruption surround ecosystems.

  • i think dogs because they trigger the hormone oxytocin inside of us if we stroke it and they help in the police force by sniffing out clues and they help blind people by guiding them.they also help your heart rate and mental health

  • I think that horses must also have an international wor

  • I think maggots should have an international day because they do two things for humans. One, they feed on dead cells found on a wound when someone is hurt and are considered the safest way of cleaning a wound and making it heal faster. Two, when the maggots are there, they help in decomposing the refuse which can later be used on the farm to fertile the soil or add more nutrients to the soil.

  • I think that Dogs should have an international day of recognition because over the years it is known that dogs and humans have a very special, extraordinary and tight connection/bond. This animals are very special to humans and has become the closest friend to man they are pets, security, helpers to aged and people with physical disabilities, used in the military for crime detection and help in fishing out criminals and other security threats. All this activities performed by this animal(the dog) has helped to save lives of people and as such they should be protected and preserved from going into extinction.

  • I think that Bears should have an international day of recognition. I say this because through their foraging habits, they spread plants and berry seeds in their droppings and spread marine derived salmon streams. In addition to this, bears are important links in food webs and help maintain populations of deer and other prey species via predation.

  • I think that Bees should have an international day of recognition because of their economic importance to both man and the environment we leave in. Bees are vital because they are good agents of pollination and some health benefits they have on man. It is known that bee stings are good once in a while because it helps to reduce high blood pressure and also bee waxes serve as a good source of natural sugar.

  • I believe that Narwhals should have an international day of recognition. Narwhals are special because tscientists learn more about climate change. If Narwhals did not exist, it would cause a large increase in the aformentioned organisims and they are indangered species.

  • I think that ants should have an international day of recognition and that is because of its significant role in the ecosystem, these insects keep our ecosystems in balance and help to clean up rainforests. When they dig their tunnels, they aerate the soil and recycle nutrients which provide rich and healthy soil for plants. Also Ants are decomposers which means ghat they feed on the dead bodies and that is so beneficial for our earth because it saves it from the bad smell of these dead bodies which will make it difficult for us to live.

  • I think dogs should have a day because they save peoples lives every day and are named mans best friends