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I'd give this image a title of "Understand or Reply?". Because from the face expressions of... #37 Title challenge 08/6/22
As in Lebanon eating sweets is one of the habits that we do in special events, so of course... #36 A royal treat! 31/5/22
I think that ants should have an international day of recognition and that is because of its... #35 Attention for animals! 25/5/22
I used to think that refugees issue on the host country comes with devastating outcomes on it... #34 I used to think, now I think... 16/5/22
News are one of the most important basics of this life, because it lets a person be in the... #33 Mystery statistic 05/5/22
The quiz told me that I would make TV news presenter or news podcaster. I like the idea of news... #32 Media jobs! 28/4/22
B1 is an important piece of this drawing, and I think Mr. Kuczynski wanted to deliver the... #31 Zoom in! 25/4/22
I have chosen picture “B” it seems to be a conclusion of all what we we discussed about gender... #28 Pick a pic! 30/3/22