#39 Find it, explain it

24 June 2022

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Competition rules

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This competition will close on Wednesday June 22nd for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday June 23rd.

The competition


This week's competition is designed to get you sharing your personal opinions about the news.

STEP 1: Find as many emotions as you can in the word search (keep them a secret!)

STEP 2: Choose one to share

STEP 3: Share a news story that has made you feel this emotion, OR that would make you feel this emotion. The news story you choose might be something that has already happened, or that might happen in future.

*Please don't share all of the words you find in the word search or you will ruin the fun for others.*

Top tips

You could structure your entry like this:

"I found the word XXXXX. A news story that has made/would make me feel this way is... . This is because... ."

Remember, this is about your personal opinion so there are no wrong answers. You could link to a global news story, a news story about something that interests you, or a news story from your local area.

Comments (30)

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  • The word I found is worried . A news story that has made me feel worried is the one about the coup in Sudan this is because most of my family live there, and if and thing happened to them it would upset me.

  • I found the word hopeful. A news story that would make me feel this way is if all the refugees get back their country, no longer have to live in refugee camps and that the people who bomb them stopped bombing people. This is because there might be peace between the people who bomb the other people and the refugees wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

  • I found the word worried. A news story has made me feel this way is when some children were hospitalized due to infected kinder chocolate eggs. This is because i really used to love Kinder chocolate eggs and usually ate it so when i heard about "Salmonella", i didn't stop having bad thoughts about thèse poor children and myself getting sick.

  • I found the word hopeful. A news story that has made me feel this way is news from my school about our students going litter picking. This makes me hopeful that young people care about our world and want a better place to live for the people and the animals.

  • I found the word curious. A news story that has made me feel this way is when many people across the country planted lots of trees to help stop climate change. This is because I was intrigued at the idea of planting trees and how I could do something similar to help our planet.

  • I found the word furious and a news story that made me feel this way is guns in America.This made me feel that way is that lots of innocent people are getting killed in school, work and other places and that is a law that is allowed and 14 years old have permission to use them at a young age for “safety” but people use guns for fun and other people can’t bring it to countries such as Uk. So that is why I’m furious of guns in America and that’s why I think this should be illegal unless a war is happening which likely they might for Russia and Ukraine.

  • I found the word furious. A news story that made me feel furious was when I found out that a war had begun between Russia and Ukraine. This made me feel furious as I know we can do better in life than fighting.

  • The word I selected was curious. A headline that made me feel this way was guns in America. It makes me curious that we don't know what Biden will do next to try and exterminate gun use as homicide ratings are going sky high also, the school shooting, I am curious why police forces did not react instantly as many citizens lives could have been rescued and could have lived good lives, what will Biden do now?

  • I found the word furious. A news story that made me feel 5his way is when my brothers annoy me so much when I'm free or busy. I try to ignore them but they get on my nerves

    1. Well done for finding this word, mindful_olive. You've given an example from your life of when you feel this way but can you think of a story you've seen in the news that makes you feel furious?

  • I found the word furious. I was furious when Ukraine was first attacked by Russia because the Russians said they would leave the border but later that week they entered the Ukraine and started the war that is still going on to this day. It is unimagine how much suffering and sadness the Ukrainian citizens are going through. I think that the journalists and news reporters have used the power of sound to spread the news in an informative but respectful way.

  • I found the word hopeful. A news story that has made me feel like this is when Raila, a politician in Kenya wiring for the presidency, chose Martha Karua as his running mate who can be voted for to be the DP. This is because women have not ever been valued as good leaders in Kenya and men are mostly chosen as running mates by their fellow men and they get more votes than the women because of certain stereotypes or rather cultural beliefs that men have better brain capacities, they carry the family name and are better leaders and because Raila is not corrupt by these beliefs he chose a woman and that is making it one step ahead to gender equality in Kenya and in other countries that are practicing this.

  • I found the word furious.A news story that made me feel this emotion was when putin was making lies about feeling sorry for all the people who he had affected and accidentally killed"

  • I found the word worried. Some news that made me worried was when COVID-19 broke out in March 2020. This is because I was due to go on holiday to Florida the next month, and the airlines were shutting down fast. I was also worried about COVID-19 breaking out because I was worried my family or I would catch it and get ill.

  • I found the word worried. This relates to big stages in life that you have to face . This also relates to lots of individuals facing covid.

  • The word that I have found was curious. The war about Syria has been going on for a long time now, and it has not ended. Such chaos has been prevented in Syria but with this over war going on with Russia invading Ukraine it has been like the main story in the headline and I am curious if the government even cares or not.

  • I found the word curious. So I felt curious reading about the situation in Ukraine at the moment as it me made me feel curious about what it would be like to be a Ukrainian citizen at that time and how much fear they go through everyday.

  • i found the word worried and a news story that made me worried was when russia shot down plane kyiv
    this made me worried since ukraine lost lots of help

  • i found hope.So about global warnning and i hope the animals are ok because most of them are dying so wee need to make a change and stop littering and re using bottles and bags

  • This week i found the word curious. the news about guns in America. I am curious about why so many people want to own a gun.

  • This week I found the word worried and the news story about Ukraine on the news worries me. I'm worried about this because the population in Ukraine is slowly going down and it's very worrying as it also decreases the world's population

  • This week I found the word worried. I chose this word out of all the words in the word search because, it links with the news story the twitter takeover. Im worried because Elon Musk might make bad changes to twitter that many people will not like.

  • I have found word worried. A news story that has made me worried is about Ukraine this made me worried Because in Ukraine kids and innocent peoples are dying or getting injured ,and lost their own house this is the Reason it make me worried

  • I found the word happy. I felt this emotion when I read a newspaper report about a cat who was reunited with his owner after five years. I have two cats which I have known forever so not seeing them for five years would really worry me and it would make me really if I saw them again after 5 years.

  • I found the word curious, the part of the news which made me curious is when the war started in Ukraine; The part felt curious about is 'Why did Russia invade Ukraine?'

  • I found the word "Confused". A news story that has made me feel this way is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is because Russia is just continuing history and I think it's very foolish of Vladimir Putin to do that. I'm pretty sure that he knows that there'll be a lot of sanctions opposing Russia just like a few years back when they occupied Crimea.

  • "I found the word 'Sad'. A news story that would make me feel this way is a sad news story. For an example: A old man was shot dead by a 24 year old man ."

  • I found the word "happy". A news story that would have made me feel this emotion is everyone being treated the same way and showing sportsmanship around the world. This is because all people deserve to be loved and respected no matter what features or personalities they possess and to let people feel the same way they feel as long as you are feeling proud or happy.

  • I found worried. I felt worried when I heard that Apiate Tarkwa Bogoso- Ayamfuri a mining village has been seriously blasted by a dynamite and again i was also worried because their houses and properties have also been destroyed and iwas wondering where they would stay and that was a very sad and worried story

  • The word I found was 'furious'. A news story which made me feel this emotion was that PPE and other safety equipment such as seat belts are designed for men so female health workers are much more likely to be infected and females in car crashes are much more likely to die than men. This made me furious because these things have to be generalised as they can't be fitted specially to everyone but I hated that they chose an average male's body to fit the equipment to even though they already knew women would be using it too.

  • I found curious. I felt curious about the recent headline, The Power of Protest. I was curious about the different types of protests, and how the media reacts to them and displays them.