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L - Let's listen, learn and discover I - Inform citizens of what is correct, what is... #42 Listen! 13/7/22
I found the word "happy". A news story that would have made me feel this emotion is everyone... #39 Find it, explain it 21/6/22
I think the title should be "listen and check" and this is because some people think it's a good... #37 Title challenge 07/6/22
I think 42% of Ukraine have evacuated from their area. This makes me feel disappointed in Russia... #33 Mystery statistic 10/5/22
The quiz told me that I would make an excellent TV news presenter or news podcaster because... #32 Media jobs! 04/5/22
The most interesting news story I have heard about is the Russian and the Ukrainian war.This is... #30 Dog, plane, sun, heart 19/4/22
The word I chose to describe the news is informative.This is because the news has different... #27 One word! 29/3/22
The song I have chosen is called Eye of the Tiger by Katy Perry.This is because in the piece of... #26 A moment for music 23/3/22
Do not try to think of men that are against women as women know that it is wrong to say such... #23 What should they hear? 01/3/22
I chose personA and their statement in my opinion is very understandable but at the same time... #19 Respond! 02/2/22
I found the word (fair)and I think this links to the news because everybody needs to be treated... #18 Search and say! 26/1/22
I think title A would get people intrigued because it tells us in the heading that something... #11 Tell me more! 16/11/21
I think picture D might represents the news because recently newsround has been talking about... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
My dream job is to be a leader of the military because i want to protect people and families... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
Well done #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
A problem with the environment is that it has been becoming polluted and its never left alone... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
I think Bravery and determination is good for a journalist because a good journalist will never... #4 Because... 28/9/21