The pros and cons of fast fashion


Hello everyone

My topic for today is about the negative effects of fast fashion

Although fast fashion makes clothes less expensive, fast-fashion factory workers are negatively affected. Ethical Fashion Forum reports have shown that workers work long hours to complete retailer orders, with a low salary and also

Increased transportation emissions due to the shipment of many new kits, which increases the pollution rate.

The biggest impact on the environment is the huge amount of clothing that is produced at a huge rate and is thrown into landfills every year. For example, in 2010 in the United States, 11 million tons of clothing waste were placed in landfills, which contributed to global warming with the release of Harmful methane gas.

In short, the goal of fast fashion is to produce clothes quickly and at a lower cost to get consumers to buy as many designs as possible

As far as it has its negatives, it also has its positives. Some of its positives are:

Self-expression: Fashion is an essential way to express one's personality.

Boost self-confidence: When you look good, you will become more confident with a great look and eye-catching.

Diversity in lifestyle: Fashion adds diversity in lifestyle and many colors after introducing new clothes into your life

If there are other pros or cons of fast fashion, write them in the comments.

Thank you

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  • bold_badger | Cheam Fields Primary Academy | United Kingdom 07 Dec 2022

    I think that people should get more money for doing fashion because some people spend most of their time just doing things for us as they are doing things for example if it was the winter they would be making warm clothes so we don't freeze when we step outside the house!