Is the world doing enough to ensure that there is diversity?

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Black Panther, which immediately became popular after it was released on the 11th of November 2022, is a great example to look at to find diversity. My standpoint is about this spectacular movie and my goal is to prove how it is extremely important for our world to be diverse. Throughout all superhero films, there are hardly any diverse people (people of different races, genders and religions); most of the actors are white, young men. Currently, Black Panther is sparking many global discussions as this groundbreaking movie used its uniqueness to represent and challenge many people.

Some film directors don't include diverse actors in their movies as they think that people who are different to them are less capable; this isn't’;t just in movies, but is present even in the royal family. A time where this happened was when Ngozi Fulani was underestimated by a racist person. Newsround reported that Fulani, an African woman who was told she couldn’t be British by Lady Sussan Hussey, exclaimed,’’ I was stunned by Sussan Hussey’s comments as she thinks that a black person can’t be British!’

Unfortunately, people don’t feel represented, when there isn’t a range of unique people working on something. Surely we should all be given a chance to share our opinions, shouldn’t we? When we are included in a group, we all share ideas and end up creating something wonderful. That is one reason why having diversity in a film and having diversity behind the camera is also important. Some people say that similar people think similar things so if we have a group of people working on a movie, they produce a unique, amazing film.

Although we all should be treated the same and our differences make us special, there still aren't enough people realising that people are still being ignored. To fix this situation of sadness, we must all take more action! Authors have done an excellent job at this, as diversity in books has increased from 4 percent in 2017 to 20 percent in 2021. This also shows that it is not just film directors who need to show diversity. Everyone in this world should be fearlessly fighting to make everyone equal, shouldn’t they?

In conclusion, I am very passionate about this world being a diverse, fair and equal place, therefore we ALL have to take action in this world. We all need to be free and confident, not locked in devastating cages! You want to make everyone on Earth feel content, don’t you?

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  • Thanks for posting this comment. The young generation understands and appreciates the power of being in this diversified world.

    Today we can't live in an Island of ones ideology. Being appreciative of others culture and diversity and making It as inclusive as possible is what I very essential for a beautiful world.

    The current breed of youngsters are open minded and they accept each other as they would accept their own.

  • Is the world doing enough to ensure diversity?

    People in various countries and continents are trying to issue variations in representation and in all other fields, to keep pace with intellectual and economic development.
    And social, and many like that
    Because human requirements change and increase, there must be more cultural, educational and intellectual diversity.
    Every point made by a person in our current era becomes the beginning of a new story for him and he must develop it by looking to the ideas and cultures of others.