Is your culture represented?

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Journalists have mixed reviews on diversity. There are varieties of news channels and books which feature signs of no diversity and representation, however, others do show some diversity. For example, Disney is a company we think fondly of yet I don’t see this wonderful film company as being diverse enough. Black Panther, the extraordinary movie which sparked global discussion, is an extremely brilliant example of bringing diversity and representation to our screens.

As a result of the Black Panthers' success, diversity is growing fairly and equally, however this is not enough. Sometimes movie producers misrepresent cultures, for example, in the filming industry, they often represent Africa as a poor place, leading to stereotyping. These cruel starters of this mess have changed the way we think of Africa and some intentionally want it to stay this way. This is not a good way to represent the African culture as people from there may feel a sense of anger or insecurity. This is because people look up to films and the media thinking that's the way life should be. Historically, the filming industry has showcased racial characters in films and the Chicago Tribute has said, “As an industry, Hollywood has been saying the right things when it comes to improving diversity however diversity isn’t enough if the workplace remains a hostile environment for Black people and other people of colour.” We need to make sure that diversity isn’t about saying the right things but doing the right things.

I think that they should make a blockbuster film showing how a person feels when their culture is being represented in the way they dont want it to be. I think that this movie will be emotional and change the way people think about diversity and representation.

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  • Agree with your point friend. A very successful and popular Bollywood movie, 'My Name is Khan,' was about a man with Asperger syndrome, trying to make people understand about Islamophobia. Especially the most popular lines in the movie, "My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist," resonated so well among the audience. It was such a beautiful movie which portrayed the difficulties a particular community people had to go through after 9/11 incident.
    Such realistic portrayal would help everyone to connect with people as to how they feel about their culture and how many at times is being mis represented.