We have no planet B!

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Climate change is an undeniable threat to our world. It affects all living things; both plants and animals. On the student hub, we have learnt that we all have a part in helping to stop climate change. Looking at the case we discussed on the hub about the Oliveira siblings that sued 33 of the world's most polluting countries and according to www.gpb.org, André said, "Most politicians make these statements that they're going to lower emissions 60% by 2030,". This shows that the cause of the Oliveira siblings was not defeated. We said that everyone can do their little part to contribute to stopping climate change. Our effort must not be as huge as suing countries for polluting the environment. Even from small things such as:

1.) Switching to using renewable energy in our homes.

2.) Trying to conserve more water by taking shorter showers and making sure taps are turned off well.

3.) Using more eco-green means of transportation such as cycling and working.

4.) Putting an end to our use of plastic bags, cups, and bottles.

5.) Reducing food wastage by not throwing away leftovers but using them to make other dishes or turning them into compost.

6.) Using our voice to raise awareness about climate change.

and so many others... we can help to stop climate change.

What other things do you think you can do to stop climate change as an individual?

We also talked about inventions that can be created to stop climate change. We talked about the seed drone, the sea bin, the smog-free tower, and many other amazing inventions.

What other invention do you think can help to solve the problem of climate change?

Where I live, there is a lot of pollution lying around both organic and inorganic so to make my environment more sustainable, I have come up with a few ideas.

For inorganic waste:

1.) Plastic jerry cans and bottles should be sorted out as they can be recycled for use in planting crops. People can set up vertical farms using these plastics and plant more crops even at home!

2.) Plastics and metal cans can be cleaned and shredded to make new products.

For organic waste:

1.) Organic waste such as cow dung should be recycled to make biogas. I had an idea to make a machine that converts organic waste to biogas and I would call it "Operation: Waste Free". I have been working with my biology, chemistry and physics teacher and programming teacher too to see how I can put my plan into action. It would really help my community. In the future, I hope to automate it too.

2.) Some organic waste should also be turned into compost for use as organic fertilizers. As the price of fertilizers have gone up, this is a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative that everyone can try!

What are your ideas to help make your environmement sustainable?

There earth is the only planet we have now. At the moment, we have no "planet B" and as such, we cannot afford to lose this one. We must work together to save our planet because, "alone we can do so little, together we can do so much". We have to save the earth today to survive tomorrow.

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  • Eliminate Your Plastic Use
    *Bars are better than bottles. Don't buy a shampoo or conditioner bottle, which cannot be recycled despite misleading labels.
    *Use reusable bags at the grocery store. 
    *Refill your reusable water bottle. 
    *Stop buying one-use items.
    *Energy-efficient appliances.

  • Get rid of all things that can pollute the environment because you are the biggest problem that destroys the environment, which is pollution. We can remove factories from the environment because they cause pollution through smoke and annoying sound from them To cultivate and conserve land so that it remains sustainable and no longer needs other communities or other environments.

    1. Removing factories is a very bold policy, great_mango -- what about the things the world needs to produce? If nothing else, someone has to make wind turbines and solar cells...

      1. It can lead and import industries from abroad, from cities and foreign regions, for example.

  • We can make the community and the environment clean and green, Conduct a recycling drive in your neighborhood or your business. Volunteer to help your employer conduct paper recycling drives at work. Donate gently used clothes to needy organizations and shelters and identify other items that you can reuse. Compost yard and food waste and seek advice if you don't know how. Also we can protect our environment brainly by Plant more and more trees in our surroundings and nurture the ones already present. And Discourage deforestation i.e. promote afforestation ,Make people aware about how to protect our environment ,Save water, electricity and natural resources.