A right, not a requirement

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I want to talk about Gender Inequality. Because it enhances the status of women in society, calls for an end to injustice against them, and seeks to obtain their human rights because it is one of their rights and is not favoured by anyone. It is a great injustice for a woman to be subjected to obliteration of her identity and to the deprivation of her capabilities and rights, as she is subjected to a lot of suffering, ill-treatment, discrimination between males and females, and the lack of women she has. Employment opportunities are among the opportunities available to men. Therefore, before we become a woman, we must confront unjust laws, demand our rights peacefully, raise supportive slogans, and highlight our rights. We should raise our word through social media, and let our voice reach the officials so that we can obtain our legitimate demands, in a way that guarantees us a decent life. Hence, I believe that we must continue to demand an end to the oppression of women so that they can obtain their full human rights as an active member of society. I believe that women have the right to be able to make their own decisions, they have the right to receive the same wages that are paid to their male counterparts, they have the right to engage in politics and decision-making, and to be respected in society to the fullest. But I regret to say that not a single country in the world provides these rights to all its women, which means that gender equality has not been achieved. I think these rights are the basic human rights My question is, will institutions and governments work seriously and put an end to the violation of women's rights, and will they seek to provide what guarantees their human rights?

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  • The world consist of man and woman where both of them have got in one rights as they are the double sides of the coin. According to my view yes the institutions and governments will surely work and put an end to the violation of women rights in the upcoming days. Still most of the women's are not treated equally as men in many countries. First step of the government is female education and women empowerment. A pure coin needs both it's side good to be transected. Likewise progress is confirmed only when men and women are equally educated. In this modern time almost every country's people have realized that the development and prosperity is possible only when women are as educated. Many women have proved to be no less than men in every field. Now in our country Nepal also there are many rights for women. Many school have started co education. Many girls schools and collages has
    been set up. As a result many womens have occupied positions of honour and responsibility.Women are competent to men in every field.A family is prosperous where both husband and wife are educated.Thus,this will guarentes to human rights equally.When a women is educated half of the world is educated.

  • I do not agree with you. Perhaps some advanced and developed countries have given women their rights, but this is a small percentage, and women still suffer from injustice and deprivation to this day. Women are the basis of society. Institutions must put an end to this injustice, or we as individuals can give them their rights without the need for a law that obliges us in this regard. Job opportunities, non-discrimination between males and females, good treatment, and education. There are many women who made remarkable achievements and attained prestigious positions such as Marie Curie, Emmeline Pankrist, Tu Yoyo, and Valentina Treshkova. They proved to society that they are qualified and capable of doing all this and more, as they are the foundation of society. .

  • Men and women are the same. We are all different but just because we are different race or different gender doesn't mean we have to be treated unfairly. Women who are treated unfairly are taking action and that is what we need for this world to be accepting. Women are told over and over again to cook, clean, feed, have children and repeat. But men and women who take action for gender equality is who we need. People are treated unfairly and differently every day and it ends now. We need to take action and fight for the equality of each other because people all over the world are treated unfairly and it needs to stop. Kids with disabilities (like myself) are treated differently and bullied everyday. This needs to stop. VOTE FOR EQUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you..for being with us and for your determination. We are proud of you and people like you. You are an example of a constructive person in society. You are people of determination and achievement. You are an effective person, more than healthy people who do nothing for society.
      I feel sorry for these bullies and their behavior towards vulnerable women, children and people of determination like you.
      You are a wonderful human being. I appreciate your interests and attempts to work hard, succeed and prove yourself
      I wish you success and success. We are with you and appreciate you. We call for equality, obtaining rights, eliminating injustice, helping the vulnerable, and providing what guarantees a decent life.

  • I live in a society where male is dominant .. although this culture is being faded by education. .yet the right of inheritance is still being ignored by many . It is good to hear today that iran has finished morality police . Islam has given equal rights to women .but still women have to ask for those rights whether its education marriage, job nd other decisions of life .

  • Women and men are both humans but just different genders but we all should have the same right and that women should have more right's then man but women do not have the same rights as a men and some men do no have the same rights as women so women and men both have the same rights but women should have more rights than men. Due to gender bias that continued to block things for most women's rights. In men they get treated more than women do. In men education has more percent than women's education. So women should have the same rights that man have and have them equally alike.