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In my opinion representation enables us to work more effectively in a group with diverse... Representation matters 05/12/22
I live near a farm house nd from there many farmers brought animals waste to put in their... How sustainable is YOUR community? 05/12/22
I agree because... it's nice idea..this is a very motivating idea to use food leftover nd tree... How sustainable is YOUR community? 05/12/22
Yes youth is more active teacher took promise from me at the start of new session that I... The power of youth 05/12/22
I live in a society where male is dominant .. although this culture is being faded by... A right, not a requirement 05/12/22
I think to handle food crisis every one should ve knowledge abt this crisis by adding some... Global food crisis 05/12/22
one thing which makes my community polluted nd I thought abt its sustainability on my behalf how... How sustainable is YOUR community? 05/12/22
I think space exploration will lead to humans to find habitat as if there is no control on... Space: a positive human future? 05/12/22
Space exploration enables not only how the heavenly bodies r working but also improve our life... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 05/12/22
I think this doctor had never been think such problems could b when he was studying... A doctor's words 21/11/22
I am from Pakistan, my country is among developing countries.. but the speed of this progress ... Would you…? 21/11/22
Climate activists r showing their concerns for their countries ,like orhercountriws their... Climate reporters! 21/11/22
I am from pakistan the area in which I live in newly built area... horses r being built day by... How sustainable is YOUR community? 21/11/22
I think having a reasonable and decent collections of clothing items depend on countries ... Sustainable style - be a designer! 18/11/22
Students like me ve more exposure of social media to see changing fashion so unconsciously... Who is responsible? 14/11/22
I agree because... money is very important in life as it brings satisfaction. We r not saints nd... Weekly poll #3 results 14/11/22
Shopping is a great activity for time pass ...In my opinion selection should b done very... Sustainable style - be a designer! 10/11/22
Fashion industry is playing an important role in promoting trade nd business .It has... Who is responsible? 10/11/22
For democratic societies election r must to make a government by the people. Hence I would... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 09/11/22
What r problems caused by fast fashion ?? So far fashion word is very strange for people like me... Who is responsible? 09/11/22