Look at the stars but keep your feet on the ground

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Some people think we must explore space to save our future and solve problems that already exist on our planet, like the lack of resources and spaces that are too crowded. I agree that sooner or later we should colonize space, but for now I think we should focus on other problems, such as world hunger. For example, if we can't even get enough food to survive on earth, how could we develop civilizations in space? And have you ever wondered how important could be the money spent building rockets for poor people?

However, space offers huge opportunities for science, and also resources. But for now we don't have the technology to make a living in space for lots of people and I think humans are not united enough. Think of what would happen if a war began in space. Lots of people would die and it would also be very damaging for the economy. So I come back to my point. Will we be able to peacefully share the resources in space? Tensions in space already existed. In 1957, the Sputnik Crisis initiated a Cold War in space between the USSR and the USA and both powers built military spacecraft and used space as an operating ground.

So, if military spacecraft already exist and the world is still much more militarised than it should be, I think for now it costs too much and it is too dangerous. In the case in which everything went perfectly, it would be extremely hard to colonize space, but we all know there are very few chances for everything to go perfectly. And let's say we manage to build a settlement on another planet. Nobody knows what effects that environment will have on people's health. Time will prove, but maybe we will find a solution to survive on our planet and only go to space to get resources. There are countless possibilities and countless paths to follow.

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  • I kind of like this perspective I mean yes, we can be fascinated but we should be sensible about it, we can explore but we should not destroy.

  • This is the most wonderful view of the universe and cosmic creation. The stars are very beautiful. When I see them they don't have an exact number, but their numbers are endless. Also, it is a very similar gem in all specifications. When we see it, we will see it very small, but if we come close to it, we will see it large. A star is like a fire that lights up and never goes out, as it is a mirror of the universe and life.