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Someone's policies can never work if that person does not have a good personality, I mean do we... Personality or policy? 14/12/22
I kind of like this perspective I mean yes, we can be fascinated but we should be sensible about... Look at the stars but keep your feet on the ground 14/12/22
Exactly I mean to be honest it does not even make sense the fact that we are still struggling... Do not draw a veil over inequality! 14/12/22
I feel your pain currently my dad is in Gaza, and we are seriously worried, we heard that... Food crisis in besieged Gaza 14/12/22
I totally agree with you I mean there are a lot of advantages of having diverse leaders. A... Real life beats the movies 14/12/22
Yes, I actually have some effects of fast fashion on the environment. Water The... Fast Fashion : PROS AND CONS 14/12/22
I get what you are saying but I hope you understand that just because something has a good side... Fast Fashion : PROS AND CONS 13/12/22
I see what you mean, I feel like we are political, but people do not want to accept that fact... Politics and Youth- Exploring the Connection 13/12/22
xOf course we are political we just tend to show it different ways than people think. I mean I... Are young people political when it comes to US politics? 13/12/22
Well, I think you are right because obviously anything that has a bad side definitely has a good... Fast Fashion : PROS AND CONS 13/12/22
If you ask me, I feel like Africa has been affected the most, I mean the climate of Nigeria has... worth it or not ? 13/12/22
I think you just pointed out a new point, there has been a legacy of poor representation of... Representation and Diversity 13/12/22
I get what you are saying I mean fast fashion is involved in so much cultural appropriation, we... APPROPRIATION OVER APPRECIATION: The Time To Make Right Choices 13/12/22
I agree because I can remember an instance exactly like this in my country, the president band... How can we help put an end to the morality police? 09/12/22
I agree because this is becoming very alarming, look at this The average American woman earns... THE LEGACY OF THE PAY GAP. 08/12/22
I agree because young people are actually the most political according to A dozen... YES! WE ARE POLITICAL! 08/12/22
George Washington is one of the most prominent figures in the history of the United States and... The real hero! 08/12/22
I agree because the workers are human too, to be honest the fast fashion industry is still... WORKERS RIGHTS 08/12/22
If you ask me forgiving_plum i think the most severe thing that you have listed above is... The Blurred Cup? The Qatar World Cup And Why This One Just Isn't The Same. 08/12/22
I get what you mean because a leader must be able to sacrifice everything to be willing to... The real hero! 08/12/22