Space: A Positive Human Future?

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  • Positive space refers to the subject or areas of interest in an artwork such as a person's face or figure in a portrait, the subjects in a still life painting, or the trees in a landscape painting.

  • Yes, I agree with you secure_nature. Space is actually a positive human future but I feel like the majority of people who do not agree with this are people from developing countries because the benefits of space are only fully realized by developed nations as they have the resources to fully explore the countless opportunities in space. People in developed nations only benefit minimally. Take for example cordless tools and inventions inspired by space. Black & Decker is an American manufacturer of power tools and accessories. They were the first company to develop a cordless tool and now developing countries can only benefit from the fruits of this space exploration by purchasing the products. The developed countries that produced the products will get most of those benefits. They will have fame for their discovery, economic growth, and all other benefits associated with this invention inspired by space. This actually creates a lack of interest in space matters among developed countries as they do not have the resources to embark on such space explorations themselves.

    How do you think this problem can be solved?

  • This topic is an interesting one. I discussed this topic with a few people and here are some of the things they said concerning this matter.
    Person 1: "I do not think space is a positive human future because there are still a lot of problems facing man today. Problems like hunger, crisis, and even wars. I think we have enough on our plate already and we do not need to waste all the time we could use to solve these problems in exploring space."

    Person 2: "I do not think exploring space is the way to go because, at the end of the day, it is not everyone that will get the opportunity to go to space to explore. Not everyone will be that lucky so to me there is no use in exploring space."

    Person 3: "It is possible that space holds a positive future for humans but that positive future is only for developing countries that engage in space exploration. As for developing countries, they do not have the resources to explore space so space might not be something of benefit or use to them."

    Why do you think people have this outlook on space?
    I feel it is because the opportunities in space are not equal so not everyone will have equal opinions about space. Developed countries will benefit more than developing countries in space exploration, rich people will benefit more than poor people from space exploration so it is only normal that their opinions on space will also be different. This is one of the aspects of the world where there is still inequality in opportunities. What do you think about this matter? Do you think this is a problem that can be solved?