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What if we played the World Cup in


Thousands of years ago, humans brought sports with them to every place humans reached on Earth, even by sea, such as diving, or by air, such as paragliding. But humans finally reached space. Will they also develop sports competitions outside the planet on the moon or on other planets if they reach them? When I searched on the Internet, I found that playing the World Cup in space is possible. Badminton and soccer player and former NASA astronaut Leilant Malvin said yes it happened and it will happen. Here is my homeA question, what if the World Cup was organized in space.!!

In the moon and planets or even in a nearby asteroid Let's assume that humanity has reached this stage of development and decided to organize the World Cup in our solar system if this is suitable for the tournament. Let's assume that the average weight of the player will be 12 kg, and as for the ball, it is 70 grams. Given the gravity, we will not be able to play and the conditions that do not allow (heat, acceleration, hard and pointed rocks on the surface of the asteroid) Now let's unleash our imagination in terms of technologies to build a stadium on an asteroid. On the one hand, hardly anyone has moneyIt is not enough to build toys on an asteroid and what structure it will be It will not have a base, but it will be ready and installed units in some way! And all we will see on the field is the players and coaches flying through the air From my point of view it is unfortunate that you cannot play on an asteroid without the inevitable death. But if humanity could one day play soccer in outer space, who is your favorite team among the astronauts and how would it be? And who will be the host country, and what do you think of the countries participating together in establishing it on space? Do you have other opinions ideas? do you agree with me ?

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  • If the world cup would be organized on the moon then they will be a need for a big stadium on a rocket which has a gravity machine that will make the gravity level there high, but if it was to be organized on an asteroid then the people on it might not survive because asteroid move around and they can crush on a planet or to another asteroid and crush all the people on it.