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Earth day is very important for us and the planet it also raise awareness about the climate... Celebrating Earth Day: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future 14/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... for now the metaverse can be called an advanced technology... Can the Metaverse be called an Advanced Technology or just an obsession. 14/5/23
I think the workers in UK choose to strike in a time like this because it is the time when... Which situation is best? 13/5/23
I agree because... by making a replica of our universe then people would not need to use rocket... Expert challenge: The metaverse 13/5/23
I would run a climate café in an underground, deep in the ground or i would like it to be up in... Expert challenge: Earth Day 13/5/23
Yes, it might be less difficult to manage behaviors in the metaverse. This is because the... Managing behaviour 11/5/23
No, it's never ok. This is a difficult question indeed. However, I would refuse such offer... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 10/5/23
I would like to design new gadget that would help us in taking care of our homes which might... Expert challenge: The metaverse 10/5/23
I would have protested because the citizens of the country shows a lot of love for him which... Not for everyone? 10/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... don't you think that family need to help and support them... Challenging Nepotism for True Equality 10/5/23
I disagree because... helping my family and friend the same way with others will lead them to... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... town crying is mostly done in the small towns and villages so... Digital Divide: Could it slow down the enforcement of the Metaverse? 09/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... if there are no job opportunities then people can start... "AI" is taking over the world. 09/5/23
I scored 7 and i am happy to know the meaning of nepotism and that some people try their best to... Test your knowledge 08/5/23
I agree because... things like this mostly occurs and when it occurs it need a quick treatment... Are strikes the only resort 08/5/23
I'm not sure about this because... using flyers might not have that much effect because some... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 07/5/23
I agree because... it was in this festivals i knew about the metaverse, and knowing about the... AI and art are two faces for one coin 07/5/23
Sir Mathew inspired me by showing me that before you can achieve something you need to be a risk... Matthew answers your questions! 05/5/23
I agree because... he also made me to trust myself so this is encouraging me to feel that when i... Matthew answers your questions! 04/5/23
EXAMPLE: people make fire wood from trees and they also make charcoal put of dead trees some... Clover answers your questions! 04/5/23