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Dr shortages is the healthcare healthcare situations where needed healthcare cannot be provided sufficiently to the people due to the doctors not being there to carry on the duty."One of my classmates even said his mom is a doctor but she is planning on resigning"according to research,many doctors are resigning and taking on other jobs to earn a living,others choose to go abroad to look for greener pastures and don't get surprised if there ghost workers too.As a result,you find that are few skilled doctors working health centers and they are also tired since they over work and harboring a lot of stress so that's why many die without doctors to come to the rescue.Actually in my country,there are scenarios where doctors strike.My neighbor, a Dr, said "We have done this just to show government that we also have value and we should be paid well"she further described to me that the money they are paid is just not enough for them and they have always promised them pay rises but nothing was worked upon.She added that they are also too overworked that they don't even get enough time with their families since they are always looking for the wellbeing of the patients.She said "What discourages us the more is that our hard work is not valued at all by the government in that you find that a doctor has to pay rent,pay school fees and transport fees whereby it becomes so heavy to fight with the cost of living given that everything is skyrocket now,the government has abandoned the doctor."

She further mentions that many of her fellows are complaining about the working conditions too and they say they work for long hours but are paid less,risk their lives as frontliners in pandemics but in the end the government doesn't appreciate or listen to their cries.They even say that they won't have their children study medicine,this go me thinking,in future shall we have to go for robot doctors!

When I asked her about what the government can actually do for them she said that maybe the government should really really give them pay rises so as to support their lives,she added that it would be nice if the government made the education and healthcare of doctors' families free to enable them handle to the cost of living,she also mentioned that if possible the government should exempt doctors from taxes since the taxes are now too high the affect speed of work she also made it clear that how important it should be for someone to take care of oneself at first principal to reduce the doctors work and relieve them a bit,she encouraged practices like jogging,avoid too much oily foods and eating vegetables where she even commended the saying of "An apple a day,keeps the doctor away".She also encourages us to reduce water and air pollution cause they could have negative impacts our health.

Personally,I agree with her because honestly even if it were to be me,"work without play makes me a dull boy"so even for the doctors too much stress and work tires them out.I also hope that the government will give their salaries much more attention so as to enable them do their job with their well.

"LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER TO FIGHT DR.SHORTAGES." For better healthcarehealthcare and leave longer.

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  • I agree with you because doctors used to do a lots of hardwork in their profession but Unfortunately their salary is too less.
    Can you tell some ways to increase the doctors salary? victorious_goat

    1. "Can you tell some ways to increase the doctors salary?" As you say it is possible for the government to increase the salary of the midical workers in multiple ways for example theymake medicak wirkers to access free medication allover the country so that they can save the money they spend on the health care of there family the other way is that there families should be given free access to education in high class schools and university so that they can save the money they spend on education because those are some 9f the factors why people need money and if the government does this for health workers the health workers will be very happy and they will get remotivatedto work even though they are over worked they will not retire because of these precious offers.

  • I'm not surprised that there is doctor shortages all around the world as the amount of people going into hospitals for no reason it is out of hand . You should only go if you really need them and if you don't when you need them they won't be there to help you .