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Sorry I had forget to write one question for you .My question is: What do you think about doctors? Doctors are said to be God? 08/12/22
Yes, medicine is the most important profession.Just imagine for a few second if your family... Medicine is the basis of life 08/12/22
I agree with you because doctors used to do a lots of hardwork in their profession but... DOCTOR SHORTAGES THE PROBLEM EATING US SLOW BUT SURE 08/12/22
I agree with your point that "becoming a doctor is difficult than being a doctor". One family... Causes and solution for doctor Shortages. 08/12/22
Hi jovial_flower I think that corruption is the main reason which is making medical sector... A faithful doctor is the medicine of life 07/12/22
Thank you glorious lake for understanding the pain of doctors.They suffered a lot in their... My right as a doctor. 05/12/22
Which festival topic are you most passionate about? The topic which was most passionate for me... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 05/12/22
Hello Jocelyne, I think hospital manager should divide the working time and day of the... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I'm sorry.I think you didn't understand what I want to say.These both things I have written is... A speech that got people talking 01/12/22
I agree because my elder brother is also a doctor.He don't have time to meet us.He is always... My right as a doctor. 01/12/22
I agree because we have to respect culture of all religion.In order to make peaceful society,we... A speech that got people talking 27/11/22
Yes, I think being the leader of my country Nepal would be a great job. Why I don't know people... Would you be a leader? 15/11/22
As we can see in our society,people are judged due to their skin,color,race and religion. Film... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 14/11/22