How to achieve Sustainable Healthcare

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Healthcare is essential to society and is needed by all, many times in everyone's lifetime. Being a Doctor is a noble profession where one treats a patient with full compassion and a sense of responsibility, but alongside being a doctor they have their own shortages. Each country has a healthcare shortcoming, especially in my country, India, which is a poverty-stricken one, doctors suffer a lot.

Here, there is a shortage of supplies for young doctors, a lack of propaganda because of which exploitation among doctors is common, and a lack of skilled training in teaching institutions, and hospitals, establishing a Medical college is becoming a business for big businessmen, celebrities, and politicians, especially in our country as the reservation on the basis of caste, origin, and the socioeconomic condition is increasing so much that a general-category student howsoever brilliant finds it difficult to fetch a seat in government-run colleges. This is not just the case in a country like India, there are healthcare problems worldwide, in every country. where due to poverty or lack of resources there brilliant students go to different developed countries and further pursue their careers there leaving their own country deficient and consuming opportunities of the developed countrymen. In the present, there have been many institutions come up that are dedicated to training doctors but these institutions lack teachers and are often expensive to study for the middle class because of which many deserving candidates can not pursue their dream. Doctors are sometimes even treated violently by the patients for failing to save their life which really contradicts the idea of humanity. In the times of coronavirus, we could see doctors working relentlessly to fight the disease and treat the patients with an increased risk to them and their families and long working hours inside uncomfortable PPE kits alongside low-salaried employment.

To fight all of these problems there can be a number of measures taken to prevent doctor's exploitation. The first task of all should be of providing quality education to doctors at affordable cost and widely in every country irrespective of its status. Doctors should have fixed working hours and a good salary and proper technology given to doctors for better working conditions. Doctors should be treated like equal human beings, we should understand they make mistakes sometimes a patient can't be saved, and it's totally wrong to blame it all on them. There is a serious need to stop doctors' exploitation and start respecting their noble profession by understanding their importance of them in our healthy life. This is the only way to make this profession truly sustainable.

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  • I mean a lot has been done to put down the doctor profession in years, doctors are constantly on the heat by news headlines wherever you are in the world and whatever newspaper you happen to unfold or site you stumble upon there will be something inside it about doctors' mistakes, achievement and mendacity. I agree the media is powerful but not as powerful as people think if the media are as powerful as many people believe, the bad news should have resulted in a dive in patients' trust in doctors. Yet the BMJ covering seven countries shows that, in most places, respect for doctors is extremely high and has not altered noticeably over the past 10 years. The only exception seems to be Germany, where the pedestal on which doctors have been put remains high though it is now slightly beneath, rather than above, the clouds. I mean almost everyone is basically satisfied with the way that doctors perform their duties, I mean doctors are very relatable and easy to converse with, they are very passionate and heartfelt. I recall an experience I had with a doctor few years back I mean she was so interested in my mental health and coping strategies and how I deal with my stress and stuff like that I mean some doctors are more compassionate than friends.

  • I agree with you cultured_woodpecker. Most times, doctors are unappreciated for their work. They work for long hours on end and don't even get time to spend with their family. They are overworked and on top of that, underpaid. Most of them are not appreciated for the work they do. We see them when we come to have check-ups and treatments. They attend to us with a smile on their face trying their best to hide whatever problem they are facing and give us the medical treatment we need. They try to hide their pains, worries and problems from us when we come for medical check-ups and treatment but we feel their pain and we are with them just as they are with us. They are humans just like us. They are not machines, they have feelings, needs, worries, and hopes. Some doctors in most places do not even have the proper facilities to do their work well on top of all of this. I can only imagine their pain. They have studied for years, worked, and toiled just to do the job of their dreams, and with all these problems surfacin in the world, many of them are discouraged to go on with their careers so they quit their jobs in search of new ones.

    They are so many things we can do to change this situation. They have done so much for us especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many doctors sacrificed so much just to ensure our health and welfare. We can offer doctors a pay raise to encourage them. We can even introduce awards to honour outstanding doctors and encourage them to keep up the work they do and not to lose hope. We need to keep on encouraging and appreciating doctors. In hospitals, there should also be provisions for "Doctor of the Month" awards too. We can also try as much as possible to keep ourselves healthy. Just because doctors want to make sure that we are hale and hearty everytime does not mean we should just relax and let them do the work themseves. We should also try to keep ourselves healthy too so that we can reduce the burden and workload on these doctors. They have a lot on their head too just like us and it is not fair for us to add to their problems when we know that there are things we can do to reduce their problems.