Medicine is the basis of life

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The shortage of doctors is a very big problem. Doctors are the reason to live in peace
They are the ones who keep us healthy

In the absence of doctors
The death of many sick people (who find no one to treat them)
_ Not finding solutions to diseases
Bad things happen to society and this society never develops
The presence of doctors is the main reason why we are healthy and safe without any diseases, thank God

The reasons that increase the shortage of doctors
__Is to pay less than what the doctor is entitled to. We can't just pay doctors less and then have high expectations of them. All doctors do a lot of work. They don't spend enough time with their family, and sometimes they don't sleep long enough, because they have to go to work at night. Also, medical school is so expensive and difficult, that most people who try to become doctors give up. Doctors save people's lives all the time, they really deserve more. What we can do is start talking to doctors. We all start to protest when it comes to some unfair things in our personal lives, but only close our eyes when it happens to others. Let's start uniting and giving doctors what they deserve, before most of them just give up, and find some other good paying jobs.
__ Gender inequality (the girl does not take her right to work)._ If she takes it, she will not lack any doctor in any hospital.
__ Lack of young doctors (at the age of 20)
__ Changing the course of work (some people change their field from the field of medicine to any other field), and these are the reasons for the lack of doctors

and solutions to these problems
__ Opening new medical colleges to improve the work environment for doctors
__Don't fire doctors
__ Getting rid of the problem of gender inequality
(If we follow these tips, we will get rid of these problems, I'm sure)

Doctors suffer a lot because of the spread of diseases such as Corona, and they play to find treatment, and it also accumulates and we push patients to them.
Which occupies their time and they can only rest a little, and this applies to most of my family
And the doctor's profession began to diminish due to lack of salaries or backlogs. I suggest that we relieve them and not tire them out by taking care of our health by eating fruits and vegetables and staying away from harmful foods and frying pans and by following safety instructions and not polluting the environment so as not to accumulate respiratory diseases All appreciated

My question to the audience is:
1__Do you think that medicine is the most important profession in the world, or do you find a profession more important than it? What are they and why are they more important than medicine?

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  • Yes, medicine is the most important profession.Just imagine for a few second if your family member is sick and there is no medicine in your home.What wil happen with your family member who is sick?Sometimes absence of medicine can kill someone life also.
    In addition,medicine is healer for whom who are fighting with various disease like cholera, chicken pox, tuberculosis.Medicine is a savier of life.

    1. Yes, I agree with you, but do you think that medicine is more important or education? We all know that medicine came through education and a lot of research, so we can say that education and the role of the teacher is the most important in this world. For if it were not for science, no one would have reached medicine, and we would never have discovered it. I do not say that medicine is not important, but I say that education is also very important in our lives.