food crisis.

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In this topic about the global food crisis, I learned a lot and benefited from a lot of information through the discussions and comments that we made, for example, "Why don't we just share?" I was able to understand that food around the world is not sufficient for 8 billion people, and that climate change and conflicts

between countries and that the population distribution between countries is uneven, as this leads to inequality in communication and effective activity, and this causes many people to suffer from malnutrition, which causes the global food crisis, and the issue of food is very important around the world because it is a reason to keep people alive and

Its deficiency has negative effects and can lead to death due to not eating for a long time or not eating enough, and I suggest that every economically developed country should support poor countries such as South African countries by providing them with money so that they can re-fertilize the soil and establish agricultural warmers

She must also help her scientifically, for example, by helping her to solve the problem of pollution and get rid of it through the fog-free tower, which I consider one of the greatest inventions, for example Sudan, which suffers from famine

T, which led to the death of some of its inhabitants or disease, on the other hand, the food in other countries around the world, we find that they waste food, and the food is less in other countries.

* Do you think that the food crisis is a reason for the decline in the role of countries economically and scientifically, and that the non-participation of countries with each other is another reason for the food crisis, and what are your proposed solutions to eliminate famines?

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  • Do you think that the food crisis caused the decline in the role of countries economically and scientifically?

    Of course yes, because the lack of food or its absence affects the state in terms of its decline and lack of investment due to the lack of resources or products. So it lags behind economically.

    Scientifically. As long as there is no food to eat, a person loses the power of concentration, becomes late in understanding and its level is weak, and his focus becomes on how to provide food,

    What are the solutions that you propose to eliminate famine?
    * Do not consume large amounts of food.
    * Do not throw away the surplus and use it for another meal, or give it to the neighbors, or put it in a beautiful way and send it to the needy.
    * Good study on how to get useful food.
    * Store an ample supply of food essentials.
    * A sense of others and social solidarity, where he who has food gives to those who do not have food.

  • In this clip I found that they should share the food they have and help everyone get more food and make it sustainable