Are young people political when it comes to US politics?

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Are young people political?

Young people are politicians when it comes to politics in the United States. What makes them politicians if they don't vote? When it comes to politics, there are plenty of ways to be a politician who doesn't vote. Speaking out on social media is one of the main ones. Do young people use social media in those terms? I say yes, and it is time for my views to be voiced. Let's get down to the question, "Are young people political?" and pick a side.

There are more than enough ways to be political that don't only include voting. There are plenty of things you could do to voice your opinion, and people have been doing it. Millions of people go online to show who they are rooting for. People use TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube to voice what they want to talk about. When it comes down to the different POVs, you can see millions of people say what they wanna say without voting. There would be more if young people only voted to show their interest in voting. Young people are turning to social media to both consume and produce political content; more than ever: 70% of young people had gotten information about the 2020 election on social media and 36% reported posting political content in the week prior. Over 60% of youth said that creating social media content helped them feel more informed, represented, and heard, although differences in these benefits exist across gender and race/ethnicity.

But how do I feel? I believe that social media helps people express their feelings, even if it's not elections. It helps younger people show how they feel without having to deal with hatred from the outside world. You get to have real conversations with people on the other side of the world and see how they feel about another topic or the same one. So yes, I believe young people are political as they use social media to voice their opinion without having to speak face to face. You get to see people you've never met and understand how they feel.

That's all folks! How do you feel? Do you believe that young people are political? Voice your opinion here on Topical Talks, I'd love to see what you feel about the topic or if I convinced you to agree with the "yes" side.

Focused_Artist's focused opinion!

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  • Thank you for your point of view
    I liked your opinion and I agree with you when you said that social media helps young people communicate different ideas and get them involved in politics without the need for an actual face-to-face event.
    Social media has a role in sharing political means and expanding the scope of social communication and expanding the scope of social communication on global political issues.
    Places of political participation are inseparable from face to face .
    Unfortunately, there is a significant decline in the political vision of young people and their reluctance to attend to the crises of their countries, especially in developing countries, due to frustration with what is happening to the political process and the resulting deterioration of conditions, the lack of services and the deterioration of various aspects of life economically, educationally and healthily, and there is nothing to encourage them and guarantee their decent lives. Therefore, an incubating environment must be available for youth work, their integration into political action, and the organization of political dialogues. Care must also be taken in advance in schools, curricula, and universities, in student councils, in order to reach conclusions and recommendations about the existing conditions in their countries, and evenThe state guarantees, when he reaches puberty, that he has a cultural background that constitutes a clear reference for him that enables him to engage in politics. Thus, we step into the stage of developing youth political participation From my point of view, young people should get acquainted with the news in order to see the outside world and know the events taking place in the world around them, and increase their knowledge of facts and introduce them to the cultures of other countries, which creates conscious and bright minds that may be a positive force to advance sustainable development. They must share their opinions because they have a role in development and producing distinctive ideas and for the continuation of developmentt and the prosperity of the communities in which they live. They also have a role in political reform and the future of their countries. I feel sorry for my country. The cultural and political heritage of our fathers and grandfathers contributed to the reluctance of our youth to participate in politics. I also think that it is good that we seek to modernize legislation and build legislation in a positive way that is characterized by democracy and modernity that guarantees youth interaction freely and that there is respect for humanity. What do you think of your country's politics? Does it guarantee youth political involvement and integration in the political process? Is there a kind of democracy?

  • xOf course we are political we just tend to show it different ways than people think. I mean I can remember a movement that happened on TikTok a few months back when the US government were trying to make laws that concerned the womens body, I mean this really showed the US government what being political was about to be honest I feel one of the reasons that youths react to things likee this is when the government try to behave as if they can relate to the problems that the citizens go through. I mean we youths complain and complain about things and nothing is done, but one day the government feel like they can just control us. The thing is that we just need things that stir up our interest, we need clear voices, we need people that can relate to our struggle and then it would be so clear that we are over political.

    1. YES! This is what I'm talking about. Back around October (?), the U.S. government was trying to ban abortions, but many people did not hear about it until it reached social media. Youth is more political than the older generation in plenty of ways, due to the social media stir on the women's rights movement, millions of young adults and kids have made mention of this both on social media and in real life. Youth does complain but not only do they complain, but they also act on everything that's happening in the world, not just with social media but with protests, art, real-life debates with government officials, and more!

  • In my opinion young people are political, Through active participation, young people are empowered to play a vital role in their own development as well as in that of their communities, helping them to learn vital life-skills, develop knowledge on human rights and citizenship and to promote positive civic action. It encompasses youth policy that specifically has an impact on young people for example, education, housing, employment, leisure and how young people engage in politics including in institutional politics (elections, membership of a political party), youth organisations and lifestyle.