Personality or policy?

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Government leaders are considered as political leaders or politicians. Politicians reject and create laws, that’s why they are dominant. In conclusion, anyone who wants to achieve power in the government, can become a political leader. But, what is more important for being a political leader: policies or personality?

I might be mistaken, but I believe that it’s more important for a political leader to be experienced. People who run for candidates in political elections and parties should be: experienced, rational, literate and they should have plans, ideas, programs for their county and the future, and of course they should have a strong leadership. Leadership is important, as it motivates, inspires and sets a good example for people. The studies have shown that leadership is 30% from genetics and 70% made. This proves that leaders are made not born. Plus, nowadays our society cares about the policies and actions, not words…

For sure, some people may have other points of view… Other people might see that it is more important for a political leader to have a good personality and character. According to Google our personalities play a huge role in our life, way of thinking, career and success. If you are a political leader, but you lack experience, you can surround yourself with experienced and skillful people, to progress. There is no doubt that when a politician with an outstanding personality, performs poorly and ineffectively, his/ her perfect character won’t help or save him/ her…

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, a political leader should be trained and qualified. When your political strategy won’t change anything in the country, along with bad implementation, and having an exceptional and wonderful temperament, it will not cover up your flaws…

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  • Someone's policies can never work if that person does not have a good personality, I mean do we all agree using my country Nigeria as an example, Peter Obi, a candidate for the 2023 election has an impeccable personality so we can believe from his thousands of interviews that he would be the person that would make a good difference on Nigeria. I think the best personality of a leader will be his or her ability to work under pressure and her honesty.