One nation

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Look who we are we are the dreamers

We will make it happen

Because we see it

Because to the one that keep the passion,respect ,oh yeah.

Gather round now ,look at me respecting love the only way

If you wann come, come with me the door is open every day.

These simple words are from one of the world cup most popular songs.

These words reflect the real aim of holding the world cup every four years.which is spreading the spirit of love.respect,and integration between the universe nations.

Yes, we are the young people,

We are the dreamers of a world free of wars and struggles,A World full of peace ,beauty and safety.

Another native good feelings appear via the unique harmony and cooperation between the players in the one single team.The individual is melting in the sake of the team interest .

Furthermore ,People are gathering from different nations talk with each other,exchange cultures and moreover,they help each other.

For example when an Argentinian fan ended his money and he was forced to prepare to go home,an Omanian heard him accidentally,so the Omanian offered to host the Argentinian , to pay for all his expenses and to watch with him the matches untill the end of the Mondial.

These fascinating feelings and this unforgettable behaviour support my believe in the good spirit of the world cup.The spirit which unites the whole universe to be one nation.

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  • It was a great seconds when I saw the ball was going towards the basket and it was a "GOAL" for the Morrocan team.My feelings were between pride and happiness at the same time..It was a facinating moment since then.From the first glance, while I was watching Yousif Alnusiri, the great, Morrocan football player, who scored the golden goal in the World Cup competition in the match between the Purtugalese team and the Morrocan one, I felt that he looks like the Palestinian players.The same faces, the same hearts ,moreover, they have the certain issues. How not ,and both of them are Arabs, they have the same religion and language, too.I am so honered today to speak about their fantastic achievemen, especially that when all the audience, and all the world shouted "Yes" for the "Atlas Lions" (Morocco) team that achieves a big surprise and eliminates Portugal from the quarter-finals by winning 1-0 after eliminating Spain and qualifying for the first time in the history of Arab teams to the semi-finals of the World Cup.What a marvellous pride for all the Arab nations!