Should the World Cup have been held in Qatar?

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I feel that we should never have hosted the FIFA world cup in Qatar as they violate many human rights and it was only done to give them a better spotlight in the modern world. I feel that they violated the most basic human rights and that people have died building stadiums and have been forced to work in abusive conditions. In Qatar businesses are allowed to remove migrant workers passports so they cannot get out of the country. Qatar has also forced people to move to new places because of the buildings being made. This is why I feel strongly that something should be done.

Many of the football players are not happy with the fact that people died building the stadiums and people's basic human rights are being abused. They have been protesting about this in matches, as many players have been wearing rainbow armbands to support LGBTQ+ which is also not accepted in Qatar, because it is against the Islamic law. The Germans wore shirts with a letter painted on each one which spelled the word, HUMAN RIGHTS. The Danish team wore a toned down uniform to show the abuse in Qatar. However Mr Infantino, the FIFA president, has said it is football, focus on the game, not politics. The players replied that human rights apply everywhere. FIFA organisers told everyone that any person is allowed to the matches, but the government still says gay people, etc are not allowed in the matches, to respect local culture.

I think that the good news is that Qatar now has a spotlight on its human rights abuses. I think what could be done is that protests could start to form, like in Iran, with some of the 1.5 million fans helping give migrant workers their human rights. Protests could take shape around the world. New laws could be made against human rights abuses in Qatar. Most of the population of Qatar are migrant workers(85%) and Qatar should be treating their workers better than animals. If Qatar has workers coming from other countries, desperate for money. Should they really be taking advantage of them and paying them almost nothing for the life-threateningly dangerous work they do? If Qatar has been able to spend $300 billion on football, can’t they spend any money on improving working conditions for the migrant workers?

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  • I disagree because...
    I do not agree with you, because Qatar provides its people with all the needs, and Qatar ranks first in the Arab world, with an average wealth per capita, and Qatar respects its citizens and has good working conditions, and Qatar is a country that helps developing countries, and that is my country. It spent a high budget for the World Cup to succeed and attract tourists, and certainly this brings great economic and political benefits to the host country, but if we talk about this great legacy, there is a tangible material legacy represented in the design of infrastructure and roadsModern clubs, economic performance, return to the homeland, and beneficiaries later, and there is a moral and emotional legacy linked to bringing most countries of the world with their entire culture and languages, and merging them with their culture, customs, and traditions. It also did its best for the success of the World Cup and in the most beautiful opening in the history of the World Cup and all countries of the world spent a high budget.

    1. Hi grounded_reality, you raise some interesting points! Have you given any thought to the points made by fiery_raisin, especially about the human rights issues in Qatar? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that.

      1. There is no perfect and perfect country, and every country has free sovereignty over its land, and everyone has the right to criticize it without offending, and Qatar is one of the best countries in terms of living and salaries, and the relationship of leaders with the people is good
        It does not oppose anything and supports developing countries
        I respect everyone's opinions and I see that Qatar is committed to human rights.
        And I want to say that Qatar is committed to a free press, and that the vote of this large number for Qatar embodies the confidence of the international community in the active and positive role played by the State of Qatar in the field of protecting and promoting human rights and related issues.
        This vote also reflects the confidence of the international community in its firm approach and policy towards the promotion and protection of human rights.
        155 out of 192 countries voted for it.
        It confirms Qatar's victory in membership in this high council and with the great support of states and members of the United Nations
        The international standing it enjoys and the role it plays in defending human rights all over the world.

  • When Qatar applied to host the World Cup in 2009, it said: We will build stadiums, we will build a transportation network, we will build cities, we will plant grass and trees in the desert sands!
    Qatar won the right to host, to open the door to more than a decade of controversy, questions, and propaganda war, how a geographically small country with an Arab culture can host the most important global event.
    In all of our minds, the most famous question arises: Why is Qatar hosting the World Cup? And some were asking, What is Qatar?
    Many doubted Brazil's ability to succeed in the 2014 tournament, but Brazil succeeded surprisingly well, with the difference in size and everything. Brazil or Russia did not witness the biggest challenges in history, while Qatar did.
    It is the first winter World Cup in the history of the tournament, it is the most expensive investment accompanying a World Cup in the history of the world, it is the last World Cup with the participation of 32 teams.
    It is the first in the Arab world and the Middle East and in an Islamic country!!!
    Is it correct to say: It is one of the most important events in the Arab region in half a century? _ Yes! Because it is more than just a game, 3.5 billion people watched the World Cup finals in Russia in 2018, which is nearly half of the world’s population, and the Arab region will be the focus of attention of hundreds of millions for more than a month.
    It was said: Beyond the touchline on the field there is nothing, but behind the World Cup there is a lot.
    There are major changes in sports, economy and international relations. Qatar is a small country, but it is the second largest exporter of liquefied gas in the world and has a huge sovereign wealth fund.
    The challenge facing Qatar was very complex, from the inability to hold the tournament on time, to set up everything in almost ten years and from scratch!
    Some said, for four weeks of running with a rubber ball, Qatar spends 220 billion dollars?
    Is the World Cup worth it?

  • Hello! I think it should not be held in Qatar because the laws there are appalling and disgraceful! It’s not very good because lots of people lost their homes and it’s a very hot country! I love Qatar for the weather but looking at players struggling to play in the heat is not acceptable!
    But on the other hand, Qatar have used containers to build stadiums for the World Cup. What do you think?

    1. Hi conscientious_tradition, thank you for your comment. Are you able to give some examples of what laws you disagree with in Qatar?

  • I think it shouldn’t be in Qatar because due of the dangerous conditions the laws aren’t fairly paid for some of the people in dangerous conditions