The impact of world cup on Qatar

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Although I have no experience in the field of sports, I am certain of Qatar's success in hosting the upcoming World Cup.

Perhaps the secret of this optimism is based on several factors, some subjective and some objective. We will summarize them as follows:

Qatar's success in building a strong diplomacy enabled it to have an effective presence in the global political scene. This was embodied in its political credibility, as it succeeded in many mediations, which made it a destination for many conflicting parties.
Its focus is on foreign investment, even including sports fields, so it bought up-and-coming international clubs.It provided a strong infrastructure, especially in the field of sports. Since its acceptance by FIFA as a sponsor of this event, it has been racing against time in constructing great stadiums and equipment, which have been praised by specialists. Its interest in trained workers coming from all directions. Perhaps the quality of education in Qatar has made it necessary for it to embrace many multidisciplinary minds. This is an increase in linguistic diversity due to the different nationalities of immigrants.

Owning the largest sports channels in the world, and controlling the broadcasting and rights of many tournaments. In addition to the great influence of Al-Jazeera channel at all levels. 6- Its possession of an advanced security system reassures the sports audience to stay abreast of a major sporting event.All these factors, if they are fair to Qatar's business reputation and the world's interest in it as an energy center, will create a unique environment that will help it embrace the organization of the World Cup in 2022.

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  • The world cup has both negative and positive effects on qatar but I'll save the best (positive) for the last. One of the negative efects of the world cup on qatars side is the ammount of money that they have spent. Qatar have spent alot on building of structures and accomodation just to ensure the hosting of the world cup. Another negative effect is the consumption of space. Although the stadiums were built for sport, they are also consuming a considerable ammount of space which could have been used for some other infrastructural purposes. The positive effects are; the country as a whole will gain a lot of income just from tourism which will enhance their national income. Another positive effect is that it gives rise to development of high value technology in such a country. It also increses their level of employment which will improve their national productivity.

  • i think that the word cup is realy good because countrys get to play against each other get to hold the world cup trophy and get through to the next round

  • World CUP has a big impact on the world I think it inspires people to try there best and loads of people around globe
    watch the world cup I find the world cup fun.