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World Cup

It is an event that takes place every 4 years. A team from different countries participates in it. It takes place in one country and is chosen by the FIFA Council.

legacy Because it completely changes the host country, and Qatar hosted the World Cup this year, and this will be a change for the better in all aspects in Qatar and has a long-term impact, such as:

legacy in Morale: It gets people excited about it every four years Other than that, it means for the host people a lot of jobs, an improvement in living, an increase in daily income, and a lot more

, a legacy in tourism and culture: it brings many people to the host country and about 1.5 million people go there, and this makes it a legacy in the economy as it brings a lot and a lot of money to the host country other than cooperation with other countries

The obstacles what Qatar was facing is that it does not have the infrastructure in which it can receive people from all over the world, but Qatar has already made many necessary developments and built buildings, and indeed it has benefited them a lot now and will benefit them in the future.

Other than that, there is another aspect of the World Cup in Qatar this year. I have made an agreement with the World Health Organization for a healthy World Cup project, in which Qatar urges people to live a better healthy life and quit smoking, and also sustainable World Cup events

In the end, I want to conclude that the legacy of the World Cup really deserves all of this, and I hope that all human rights will change for the better in all countries of the world.

My question to you, what do you think?? Should the World Cup be in every country different every yyear.

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