What should footballers and fans do to stop Qatar?

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The FIFA world cup is an international event held in different countries. I would like to show why this sporting competition should not have been held in Qatar. I believe this because Qatar has a lot of problems with underpaying their workers and making them work in inhumane conditions. The World Cup started on 20th of November 2022 when Gianni Infantino gave his outrageous speech.

Infantino, who is the president of the FIFA world cup, was reported by Sky sports to have said, “If anyone is to say that people in the stadium in Qatar are fake paid fans then that is racist towards Qatar.” It was also reported that he was trying to defend how ill mannered they treat their migrant workers. However Sepp Blatter (the old president of FIFA) strongly believes that the world cup should not have been held in Qatar because of the human rights record, its treatment of workers and the feelings that citizens have regarding relationships of the same-sex.This was announced on the 15th November by BBC News. I agree with Blatter because of their feelings towards the LGBTQ+ community and also human rights being basically irrelevant to them and they don't care how they treat people.

Gianni Infantino does not want to stop this as it is the first Arab country that has held an enormous football event like this, yet there are big questions surrounding this World Cup.

Qatar's laws, which are called the kafala system, allow business workers to legally take passports away from workers denying them the right to travel home so they have to stay in Qatar and continue working. This seems very unfair.

To solve the many despicable problems in Qatar everyone needs to spread the word so we can all act on this immediately. In my opinion, I believe that we should never hold the world cup in countries that don’t respect human rights again. I think we all need to speak up for those that can’t speak up for themselves. We must act immediately!

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  • Hello! We all need to speak up! The World Cup should never be Hosted in Qatar, because of humans rights and workers who are getting paid barely anything!! 😖 The fifa president has made the wrong decision. People say that he is a horrible man! Also Qatar paid so much money for the World Cup to be Hosted there but THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY STADIUMS! That’s where the workers have tried their hardest get paid nothing! Do you agree?