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What is art anyway?

Is it a source of income? is it a hobby? is it a recreational activity? is it a source of entertainment?

Well i think it is all of them. Art can simply defined as self expression. Art can be a lot of things, infact art can be what ever you want it to be. Some people may use art as a source of income, recreation, entertainment or as a hobby, it all depend on what they want it to be.

To me, art is pure expression of what we feel without necesserily speaking. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, dramas, songs etc, these are how people chose to express themselves. You might not be good at singing but you can be an extraordinary painter. Everyone expresses themselves differently because we all have different feelings. Art is something that is truly amazing and should be cherished. Art is simply revealing your feelings. It is sharing your happiness, sadness, anger, passion or serenity with other people whether it is through a painting or a song. Most of the paintings we see today are just expressions of peoples feelings, thoughts and opinions. Peolpe can spend hours in a therapist office trying to explain how they feel, but they express themselves perfectly on a canvas. No wonder some people use art as therapy.

Whether, it is with an AI art generator or with paint and brushes, art is still self expression and it will always be self expression. So many masterpieces today came from someones psyche. Other people may not understand it but some people do and they truly appreciate it. It does not matter which method, art style or even app you use to create your art, all that matters is that it is art.

In conclusion, Art is not limited by our tools or devices. It is only limited by our feelings. What does art mean to you?

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  • yes because art to me is just skribbles and lines.

    1. Can you expand on what you mean by this, candid_truth?

  • I think also that i am just not good at art therefore i dont like it.

    1. Do you think that your mindset could be changed so that you can see art as a way to express yourself, and enjoy doing this?

    2. candid_truth, art does not necessarily mean painting, drawing or arts and crafts. Art can mean other things too. Art can be written down, performed on stage or expressed in words. Like i mentioned in my standpoint, people express themselves in various ways. Some people are not good at painting but they might be excellent dancers. All that matters is that you are expressing yourself. Art is diverse and broad. It can be literally anything. People think that art is just paintings and nothing else, but it is much more than that. Art is self expression. Even your passion can be art. Do not limit your mindset to just paintings, drawings and sculptures. Make art what ever you want it to be.

  • Artificial intelligence is developing very quickly and expanding daily in the fields of work and tasks that it acquires from humans, and now anyone using artificial intelligence can assign them tasks that may take a long time if humans carry them out, but artificial intelligence can now implement them in minutes or even seconds.

    Getting things done quickly and efficiently is a positive aspect of artificial intelligence, but its risks and the increased talk about it in recent times have made people wonder if artificial intelligence can outperform human intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence differs from human intelligence, for example, the machine is superior in its accuracy to the manual work of a person, so it can pose a danger if he has the freedom to act, as we use the phone in something good or something harmful, and these inventions remain a cause of exacerbating economic crises in a very large way, especially the problem of poverty and unemployment and the rotation of the real economy

    The art produced by artificial intelligence is completely different from the art produced by human intelligence. Sometimes you feel that artificial intelligence makes things easy and accessible to everyone, so you lose what is called amazement and innovation.

    Through art, a person can express his feelings in a creative way, whether through singing, dancing, drawing, or poetry (literary writings, prose, stories), and this is reflected in people with positive energy, amazement, and happiness. In the end, the person will have self-confidence, and stay away from mental disorders. , and develops itself, and strengthens social ties, and develops society.

    In the end, I see that artificial intelligence will eliminate many professions, such as the talent and sense of art. Thank you for bringing up this topic and I hope you will accept my opinion.

  • Art is a creative expression designed to evoke a sense of beauty, depth, thought, vision, emotion, desire, or imagination. Therefore, art can be all of the things mentioned: a hobby, a source of income, a leisure activity, or a source of entertainment. Many artists engage in art as a hobby or leisure activity, while others use it as a source of income. There are artists who focus on creating beautiful and impressive works of art that attract audiences and represent a source of entertainment.
    Be considered art as an expression of creativity, beauty, individual expression, culture and cultural heritage of peoples. Art may be a source of income for professional artists, but at the same time it can be a hobby for individuals and an entertainment activity for the public. Art can provide a sense of comfort, entertainment, and stimulation to people, in addition to being part of the general culture of societies. translation

  • Art is very important to our society,there is evidence of the very first painting dating back 45,500 years ago(cave painting).Art has always been apart of us and a way of expressing emotions and how the artist views the world.
    There are many different ways to create art for example:
    -paint -potato printing -finger painting - sculptures -ai -photography
    -screen printing -oil pastels -graffiti (some) -clay vases -light painting -digital
    and many more.
    Artists use these instruments to create something that represents them and has meaning to them.When a photographer takes photos they think very carefully about the moment they want to capture and how it affects them and others.Photographers don't paint but they still make art with what is already in front of them.Photographers find a moment with meaning and takes a picture.The moment is there but it is how they capture it that can make others feel things.

    For the sake of this comment I used a program to try AI art.There was not much effort involved but you would have to write a detailed and specific sentence/paragraph to create the art.When examining all of the different AI art pieces I noticed how weird they looked but either way some of the art made me stop and think.That is what art is meant to do,it's meant to make you think and realise something,whether it's about yourself or the world around you.
    AI art is quick and efficient.An AI will not just randomly generate any art,you have to put thought into what you want to show/what you want the AI to make.
    Thank You for reading! :)

  • Art to me is many things. I mainly do art as a hobby, but there were and are many people who make art and sell it for money. As well, art isn't just drawings or paintings, it is also music. Many music programs are part of art. Also, dance, chorus, photography, and so much more are considered art.
    Drawing, painting, sketching, etc, are all types of art that you do on a canvas or piece of paper. Then there is orchestra, band, and chorus. These are a type of art where you use notes to create beautiful and amazing pieces of art. After that there is dance, why this type of art you move around makes amazing lines and strokes of art. Last, but not all, there is photography. This type of art is where you capture the last piece at a certain moment in time. These are not all types of art, though they are the most known. Using Ai and robots to create art, which humans have been doing for millions of years is not right.
    Ai and robots are programmed to redo or copy an original piece of art, while a human will think of many new ideas of art. I tried an Ai program to try and see what original art piece it will give me, and I was not so happy with the results, to say the least. The Ai took original pieces of art off the internet and took different pieces of those drawings and tried to call them theirs. So, although Ai and robots may be a good idea for more art, they could never really come up with original ideas on their own. This is why, Ai may seem like a good idea, but it could never make as much amazing art as photographers, musicians, dancers, artists, and others.