Artificial intelligence

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  • I think that artificial intelligence has several benefits, which is the creation of works for workers who do not find job opportunities, and it can reduce the spread of unemployment in societies, which leads to the development of the town and society.

    1. In fact, and to be frank, artificial intelligence does not reduce unemployment and does not provide job opportunities. Rather, it does the opposite. Unemployment may increase and it does not provide the opportunity for people to work.
      There will be a lot of robots and machines that work instead of humans, as this will lead humans and leave them harm, and perhaps with the increase in massive development, artificial intelligence will control the world and humans and hunt and kill humans.
      This is what I see

  • I believe that it has negative aspects, such as hacking anything it wants, such as accounts, monitoring everything we do in our lives, and also I believe that it will gradually eliminate all human arts, and that human arts will gradually disappear with the development of artificial intelligence, because people love artificial intelligence and will take from it, not from human art. This is my point of view.

  • I liked your point of view and your idea and the topic as well and your way of expressing it.
    I completely agree with you, and like you, I prefer self-reliance without relying on artificial intelligence completely, and that it requires that we do some of our work ourselves so that humans do not become useless or meaningless. But we can use it when needed and necessary and it cannot be used always and make it completely control our lives because this will lead to laziness in humans and the ability to work is reduced as well as work along with calling for various diseases and if we look at a different environmental landscape it is harmful to the environment because technology is not Environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment and is not biodegradable.

    1. I like that your opinion is the same as mine, and you added an important thing that I did not mention in my post, which is that technology is environmentally harmful and not biodegradable.
      And that man is useless without work
      And your words attracted me because you talked about valuable things
      thank you so much.❤️

  • Today..for the first time...I stand so amazed..
    I loved everything about your topic..your voice, your accent, and your fluent English language....
    I have not seen a better person than you in this festival, and with all sincerity in the points of view, I think that you deserve to be the queen of the winners here ...
    Because you are amazing in everything you said..

    1. Oh, thanks honey
      I'm really happy to see your words
      You're amazing too
      I give this big victory for my teachers and my home and every body stand with me in those days 🦋

      1. You are so right...
        My teacher was an example for me to follow. My teacher is the best thing for me, and I am sure that you are like me...
        We are all affected by those around us...
        If you find support, you will succeed.
        If the opposite happens, the opposite will happen, and I congratulate you once again