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Oh, thanks honey I'm really happy to see your words You're amazing too I give this big... Artificial intelligence 25/5/23
From my point of view, I see that artificial intelligence deserves the word art, not a painter,... Artificial intelligence and art 21/5/23
In fact, and to be frank, artificial intelligence does not reduce unemployment and does not... Artificial intelligence 19/5/23
I like that your opinion is the same as mine, and you added an important thing that I did not... Artificial intelligence 19/5/23
I'm so upset that I make a standpoint, but I don't get a notification that it's accepted I've... STEP THREE: make your Standpoints 15/5/23
Well, first of all, I do not deny that some people have talents and advantages, but sometimes... Nepotism a natural tendency 11/5/23
In my opinion, they should not take their children with them to work so that they do not take... Test your knowledge 11/5/23
Equality, equality It is a value that society must have, and if it is devoid of society,... Nepotism a natural tendency 10/5/23
Wow, I got 8. There was information in the test that i learnt and to be honest that I'm really... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
I completely agree that nepotism is a beast that fights people. It's an eloquent analogy. When... Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds 10/5/23
Let me tell you something AI will help in things that too hard to human being to do it. But... Thinking questions 04/5/23
From my point of view, I see that, As the years progress and human progress and development... Thinking questions 03/5/23
For myself, I love poetry very much, and it is one of my hobbies. I have a notebook in which all... Thinking questions 03/5/23
In fact, when we took the lesson, I learned synonyms that helped me write my comments I found... Competition #4 Then and now 01/5/23
From my point of view, opinion B is the best opinion, because the royal family are people like... Royal responses 28/4/23
I see that with the advancement of technology and the development of buildings, large areas of... Classroom spy... 14/4/23
Why is there a deterioration in the state of the environment despite technological progress?... Suggest a discussion 12/4/23
Also stopping factory smoke and using renewable energies instead of modern energies. And working... Suggest a discussion 12/4/23
We, as citizens, have the right to enjoy a healthy environment that is free of pollution. But we... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23