My Thoughts On Artificial Intelligence

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Stand point on AI and Art

For "AI Artist" the art making process involve figuring out what string of word will generate the best image,not what colours to mix or brush strokes to try.AI is designed to stimulate human intelligence through computer system. It's programmed to combine different ideas or style with information to recognize, patterns and make decision .The system can complete tasks associated with human intelligence. I think ultimately AI is not a real threat to artist, particularly because it is unruly and you do not have unnecessarily the same control over the design from an AI generators, that might be working with a designer.To some artist the greatest harm by AI is damage to their reputation.AI art generators are changing the way of people, artist are viewed as lower class.The act of AI replicating a skilled artist work who creates the perception that art is easy to create, and suddenly increase, which is therefore less valuable.

AI is changing how artist imagine what can be made,but would not replace the entire design rather replacing human creativity. AI as a of mediation is similar to object like paint or pencil and software like photoshop. Its serves as a filter which humans look through and create through and is already apart of human creativity but Only change how human creative art work looks,and can be produced. AI is creating new art generating synthetic faces of people who do not really exist and art that does not exist. For example AI art generators takes examples from published item and use them to create what people request but can also make mistake in producing the art work.

AI can appear to be a threat to artist, part of this is because these creator tends to produce large body of content of an image which means that the data set will have access to huge amount of information on their style. An article by Rob Biddulph state that "AI generated art work is the exact opposite of what I believe to be art. I have always felt that art is all about translating something you feel internally or externally. However some artist are seeking the use of technology in production of art work.

Some artist take against AI art which sometimes describes AI programmers as theives who steal their art work and use it for AI's and deprive artist of business and livelihood, because AI can do it in a very cheaper way. But AI can be good because it makes production of art work easy with the use of technology,and can otherwise be bad because it imitates and copy artists work without their consents.

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  • In my opinion, AI is useful but can be stealing. AI can take famous art work and transform it into a new piece of art, which is theft. Artists have the right to call out AI because it steals famous art. AI may also be useful with art - it can generate new ideas with little help !

  • You bring up an interesting point about the impact of AI on artistic production. While it is true that AI can make the production of artwork easier and faster, there are also concerns about the potential for AI to imitate and copy artists' work without their consent.

    One of the main issues with AI-generated artwork is the question of originality and creativity. Many people argue that true art must come from a place of human emotion and experience, which may not be possible for AI to replicate. Additionally, some worry that as AI becomes more advanced, it could pose a threat to human artists by creating works that are indistinguishable from those created by humans.

    On the other hand, there are also those who advocate for the use of AI in art, arguing that it can open up new forms of expression and lead to innovative techniques. Furthermore, some argue that since AI programs are created by human programmers, they are still ultimately rooted in human creativity.

  • Great use of quotes to back up your argument Alert_Squid! Do you think AI will be a positive or negative influence on the art world? Do you think art produced by a computer using the innovative AI systems will be as impactful and sought after as art produced by a person with real human experience?

    1. AI is revolutionizing the way art is created, consumed and appreciated. With the use of advance machine learning techniques. AI can help artist create incredible images, generate creative ideas and automate routine image editing task. So AI is a positive influence in modern art world.

      Then there's the matter of originality. AI generators uses pre existing images and often merge them to illustrate a requested subject, concept, artistic form and so on. Even among man-made artworks, some expert consider true art as that which is unique and emotive in a way never encountered before .
      Unfortunately, although complete originality does happen in human art, much of it is a recurrence of existing styles, not that different from what AI does. So.... "originality" is as subjective as "real art".