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You bring up an interesting point about the impact of AI on artistic production. While it is... My Thoughts On Artificial Intelligence 22/5/23
Yes, you're right. Royal families can certainly be a valuable asset to their countries in terms... Thoughts on Royals and Their Role in Society" 22/5/23
I completely agree with your statement. As a pupil at school, I have learned about the... Climate Change: Are We Really Making a Difference? 19/5/23
Let's all join hands to save our planet, Our actions now will shape our fate. We need to cut... What is the point in having a world when we are just going to destroy it? 19/5/23
This statement emphasizes the importance of tougher climate laws in addressing the current... Tougher Climate Laws: Navigating the Global Climate Crisis towards a Sustainable Solution 19/5/23
We can try to stop fast fashion from harming the Earth by doing things like buying second-hand... Fast fashion is killing the Earth 19/5/23
note that a royal family being in power goes against the essential principles of democracy and... The Change of Times 16/5/23
Uh-uh, I don't think that's true! Artificial intelligence can actually enhance human creativity... DISADVANTAGES OF AI's EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT CAN KILL HUMAN CREATIVITY AND UPSET ORIGINALITY 15/5/23
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with your opinion. I believe that AI definitely has the... AI Art: Destroyer or Builder of Artists 15/5/23
The skill that I will focus on is [listening]: this skill is important for understanding and... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 12/5/23
let's talk about the proposed solution you mentioned. Paying workers on time and restricting the... WHAT STRIKES ARE REALLY ABOUT 12/5/23
Hello! Learning about news is important for young people because it helps them understand what... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 11/5/23
Here's a question that could spark a great discussion on equality and nepotism: "What is the... Suggest a discussion! 11/5/23
I respect your opinion but If I were you I couldn't choose to be a member of royal family Being... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
If AI can clone people's voices, it might cause problems because someone could pretend to be... Photos and voices 10/5/23
When workers go on strike, it means they stop working to make a point. While this can be... Strikes are not always the solution 10/5/23
Yes, artificial intelligence will have an impact on many professions in the future. AI has... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 10/5/23
For UK transport workers, they might have chosen to strike during the FA Cup Final because it's... Which situation is best? 10/5/23
✩One of the most important things for me is that Metaverse allows us to form new relationships... Expert challenge: The metaverse 02/5/23
My opinion in terms of negativity, I do not agree with this thing, because it is possible for... Thinking questions 02/5/23