How to make Earth day a special day ?

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Hello everyone, today I will talk about Earth Day and how we can make this day special and how we can document this beautiful day. To be clear, there must be a healthy and livable environment around us so that we can celebrate this day..

How can we live in a healthy environment?
We have previously spoken that we must put strict laws in order to reform the environment around us, but in my opinion the laws should not be too strict in order not to alienate the society around us.

We have dealt with several laws from around the world, including:
Every person should use electricity for only five hours a day. In my opinion, this law is very strict because in my country, Palestine, it is difficult for us to abide by this law because without something, the electricity goes out a lot, and this is something really annoying, but we can replace this strict law by using ( solar energy or wind energy) because they save the use of electrical energy and do not harm the environment around us.

We discussed another law, which is that people can only use their car three times a week.
This law, in my opinion, preserves the environment from pollution of all kinds, and in particular limits air pollution, which can lead to really harmful results for all of us. We can also replace this law with the use of bicycles, but we can use them for nearby places, not for travel and for going to work daily. Instead, we can use public transportation such as buses.
We learned about climate change laws. There is another law that, in my opinion, is a very suitable law that limits the harmful effects on society. The law was issued in England in February of this year and it prohibits marriage before the age of eighteen.

In my opinion, this law is very necessary I really liked it because it leads to:
(Stopping school early, increases the risk of domestic violence at home, difficulty obtaining job opportunities and increasing unemployment in all of our societies)

Now I will discuss with you the other topic, which is related to the use of plastic, and how to preserve the environment through them.
So, what are the results of its widespread use?

The weight of all plastic produced within a year is equal to all the weight of humanity, and this means that we must reduce the use of plastic by replacing it with materials that can be recycled and reused so as not to increase environmental pollution.
And we have previously dealt with an example that in England in 2020 the use of plastic straws was prohibited, and another example in France in 2022 was the prohibition of plastic packaging of fruits and vegetables, and through these laws we can preserve our environment intact, healthy and free from pollution.

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  • Earth day is a special day because there are many different ways to celebrate Earth day. Earth Day is an annual event that raises public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. It is celebrated each year on April 22 in the United States and across much of the world.One activity you can do on earth day is You can adopt a number of habits to save earth. These include avoiding bottled water, replacing car trips with biking and walking whenever possible, reducing food waste and composting, switching to LED lightbulbs, and planting bird and bee-friendly gardens.

    1. I agree with you, all those ways are really important to make earth day more special and more things you can do is by creating memories meaning by making it fun for the youngsters and the adults and we can do that by making it a challenge or a competition like saying “the one who picks up the most dirt wins” and will be awarded a small prize just so make it more enjoyable for the children because they like to compete all the time and more awareness about the effects of climate change, wasting too much food, effectively picking up dirts and recyclables that have been thrown on the floor and to also separate the waste and the recyclables when throwing them away.

  • To make Earth day a very special day there are many different ways to make this day special.My favorite is by helping the Earth.You can clean the trash that people throw out on the streets. We can gather people that love the world that used to be clean.You can change animal's life in one day.