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the expert that that i learnt the most from was "Clover Horgan" because she taught me that no... Competition #6 Expert learning 19/5/23
You said “throwing away rubbish” and “putting waste in all large places”. If you throw away... How can climate be reduced? 16/5/23
I agree with you, all those ways are really important to make earth day more special and more... How to make Earth day a special day ? 16/5/23
People can stop affecting the earth’s beauty by adapting to the use of electric vehicles also to... How Can Man Stop Affecting the Earth's Beauty 16/5/23
What would have the biggest impact on nepotism is “ make it illegal for people to ever hire... What should be done? 13/5/23
Some problems that AI can cause if it can clone people’s voices are copyright violations and... Photos and voices 13/5/23
I agree with you, we need to help that which supports our life, which is our planet. Due to our... Is one day enough? 12/5/23
Yes, the metaverse is a virtual world designed to be the digital twin of the real world, so it... Metaverse 11/5/23
I agree with you. Climate change has been known to man-kind for a long time but yet people... EARTH DAY: WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE 11/5/23
Yes, we should try to make the cities eco-friendly. But the problem isn't to make it... Should cities be made more eco-friendly? 10/5/23
I scored an 8, and I learnt that nepotism is the special and unfair treatment towards family and... Test your knowledge 09/5/23
Nepotism is when a someone is given an unfair and special treatment above others. Nepotism is... Your Topical Talk lesson 09/5/23
I agree because... if I had the power, I would help my family and friends the same as others... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
You said “ reduce the price of plastic bags“ and “ provide boxes in crowded areas“ I don’t agree... Will Earth Day create new life? 08/5/23
We can create awareness by Setting up a program talking about the effects of climate change and... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 07/5/23
Students can also help by Reducing the amount of time they send on video games and TV at home,... Save the planet 07/5/23
Earth day is a very important day where all people help in reducing climate change by planting... Youth and the future of our planet 06/5/23
I agree with you. Artificial intelligence is be the best way to teach people the basics of art.... Student suggestion 05/5/23
I think about the arts, music and creative writing that is created by AI as a simple and... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
I was surprised to learn how the cooperate bodies have an impact on the climate crisis and are... Clover answers your questions! 04/5/23