Pollution and its effects

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We, as an Arab society, suffer greatly from the problem of pollution, which is now threatening societies, and there must be solutions to it, finding alternatives that limit this problem, searching for causes that increase the opportunity for pollution and eliminate it in various ways, and plastic is one of the common materials in our country, as it is one of the most common materials Which we use in our daily life in making and packing things, so it is very important and we cannot do without it despite its advantages that include its cheap price, light weight and ability to form, but it has damages that cannot be easily disposed of and take a long time to decompose.

Plastic is a dangerous and harmful substance to human health, and its harms cannot be calculated. It is one of the most dangerous materials because it causes cancer, and its harms are not limited to human health, but include soil, water, animals, and plants.

Because it decomposes in the soil and becomes unfit for cultivation. What is the best use of plastic, and how do we make it less dangerous to human life, plants and animals???

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  • Welcome ...
    When I was studying, I saw that plastic is harmful, so I wanted to do research, and I saw information that was very useful to us.
    Plastic is made from mineral oil, coal, or natural gas. Of course, we know that these resources are harmful, so plastic is harmful, knowing that 4% of global production is from gas and oil.
    And now the answer to the question: What is the best use of plastic and how do we make it less dangerous to human, plant and animal life???
    It is possible to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic, and discover useful resources for making plastic.
    I believe that most people do not know about the dangers of plastic, so campaigns and awareness campaigns are made for people in all ways.

  • Hi Eager_Bell - thanks for flagging the problem of plastics. We still see plastic used a lot of packaging although companies are now trying to use alternatives. Could you give an example of an item that used to be packed in plastic but isn't any longer? What is used instead?

    1. Welcome :
      One of the items that were packaged with plastic are hot drinks, and this posed a threat to human life because plastic contains substances that cause cancer, so it was better to replace it with something else, such as cardboard. Now we use cardboard cups instead of plastic for hot drinks, and thus we reduced their use there. Many examples that we have converted from plastic to other materials.

  • Subject: Pollution around us

    The problem of pollution is a big problem that causes a lot of damage. This problem I face in my town. Pollution is the introduction of waste, chemicals and other waste into the natural environments that cause a negative change that affects these environments and the organisms that live in them. There are many causes that cause pollution, including: Energy production is a source
    Major air pollution, industrial factors, transport sectors, agricultural activities, human waste and waste

    There are many types of pollution, including: air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, radioactive pollution, chemical pollution. There are many types of pollution, but the most important of them is air pollution, which causes great damage. Let's talk about the causes of air pollution.

    Nitrogen oxide, the oxygen of cars and factory chimneys, in addition to some particles and other metals. Air pollution causes it to occur in rainy days with acid rain, and it is a phenomenon that has affected the results of the abundance of agricultural, animal and fish wealth. The question that revolves around this discussion

    What are the solutions to the problem of pollution of all kinds?

    Do you think that the problem of pollution is a big problem or not?

  • One of the biggest problems of the modern world is the amount of plastics that there are on our planet. Plastics are everywhere and the seas, the wind, the natural disasters make this plastics travel through all the world. So in this comment I'm going to take awareness about this huge problem.
    There is a big island made out of plastics that the ocean brings to that point. This island is located in the Pacific Ocean and is seven times the surface of France. In my opinion this problem should be solved by the UN, because involved all the countries in the world. To solved this problem they should invert money to clean up this part of the ocean. Also this island damage all the living beings in the ocean . Some animals and plants have scars produce by plastic wraps, or the die because they eat microplastics and other bigger plastic wraps.
    So this is my opinion about one of the biggest problems in the world an the problem that in my opinion should be solved earlier, so the next generations can have a clean planet to live.

  • I think that plastic can do so much things that can harm the planet just like dropping a crisp packet can not just put harm to the planet it's really bad for animales. When it gose from a human being putting on the floor,then to the sea and small fish's,turleles get it in their mouths and stuke .