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Welcome ... The court is working to solve the problems, and now we are in the (climate)... Climate change in court 21/5/23
Hi there! I think that "tougher climate laws" means making rules that are harder to follow, so... Tougher Climate Laws: Navigating the Global Climate Crisis towards a Sustainable Solution 19/5/23
We need to do more to fight climate change. We have to switch to an economy that doesn't produce... Climate Change: Are We Really Making a Difference? 19/5/23
Let us draw strength from our shared humanity, recognizing that we are all in this together and... The Climate Crisis: Can Humanity Survive the Heat? 18/5/23
I like the world to be simple in life, because artificial intelligence controls the world and... "AI" is taking over the world. 18/5/23
I completely agree with your statement. The Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize how we... The Metaverse: Unlocking Infinite Possibilities 17/5/23
That's a great insight, and you're absolutely right! Earth Day is an important reminder to take... EARTH DAY 17/5/23
Everything needs a price... I have spoken in the previous topics that we should do what is... CLIMATE CHANGE AND TECHNOLOGY 17/5/23
The court is doing what is useful, so if we propose to solve the climate problem, you will... Climate change in court 17/5/23
Hi there! As a pupil, I can suggest some ways to strike a balance between favoritism and... Favoritism and Equality - A Delicate Balance 16/5/23
Absolutely, nepotism can have a detrimental effect on the success of individuals in various... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 15/5/23
Welcome ... When I was studying, I saw that plastic is harmful, so I wanted to do research, and... Pollution and its effects 15/5/23
When we say "metaverse," we're talking about a virtual world that is similar to the real world... Managing behaviour 12/5/23
I don't agree with this idea. I think that everyone should have an equal chance to be a leader,... Does the modern world need royals? does America? 12/5/23
That's a great standpoint No, being a royal is not just about fancy parties, luxury lifestyle,... THE CROWN IS MORE THAN JUST A FANCY HEADDRESS 11/5/23
As young students, it's important to recognize that nepotism is not a fair or ethical way to... Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds 11/5/23
The coronation of King Charles is a significant event in the history of the United Kingdom, as... Exploring the World of Royals 11/5/23
I think if given the opportunity everyone. As I will say yes, because the opportunity comes... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
Why did you choose among all the reasons. The reason for the ability to buy expensive... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
It is possible to control artificial intelligence, but unfortunately now people do not care... "AI" is taking over the world. 10/5/23