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The impacts of climate change are no longer just a distant threat, they are already here and... What is the point in having a world when we are just going to destroy it? 19/5/23
pupils can implement to stop fast fashion from killing the Earth by many ways : 1. Organize... Fast fashion is killing the Earth 19/5/23
I completely agree with your concerns about the potential negative impact of the metaverse on... The Metaverse: New Experiences 18/5/23
We need to balance recognizing workers' determination and perseverance with considering the... Strikes Unleashed: Should Workers Hold the Power? 18/5/23
Hi there! Here are some reasons why we should care about our planet: 1. The Earth is our... Earth Day: A call to the people of the earth 16/5/23
I completely agree with you! It's so important that we take action now to protect our planet for... The Earth is on fire 16/5/23
Subject: Pollution around us The problem of pollution is a big problem that causes a lot of... Pollution and its effects 16/5/23
As I watched the video about Earth Day,I realized the magnitude of climate change and its... Watch our live lesson! 15/5/23
I completely agree with you that being a member of a royal family is not all glitz and glamour.... Expert challenge: royalty 12/5/23
That sounds like an amazing idea! I completely agree that promoting sustainability and... Expert challenge: Earth Day 12/5/23
Nepotism is a practice of showing favoritism towards one's family members or close... Nepotism: A Choice To Make 12/5/23
A climate café is a great way to bring people together to talk about climate change. To run one,... Expert challenge: Earth Day 11/5/23
. Being a member of a royal family is a very special and prestigious role that comes with a... Expert challenge: royalty 11/5/23
It's understandable to feel conflicted about accepting help from a family member to get a job.... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 11/5/23
How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage? Nepotism can give a person an... Nepo-babies in the news 08/5/23
It is natural for people to want to help their family members succeed, and in many cases, this... Suggest a discussion! 08/5/23
First thing I should be stay calm. In general when I disagree on something. First, I listen to... Expert challenge: Earth Day 02/5/23
On an individual level, it's pointless. If all members of the public join in, it's still... Classroom spy... 21/4/23
Plant trees! You can get individual seedlings for under a quarter and better pricing in bulk.... Climate change in your country 21/4/23
While the metaverse could make you experience any environment, the disconnect from the real... Report back 21/4/23