Bad nepotism

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We have a large company with a manager who works hard and the workers of the company also work hard. One day, in a family session with the manager and his family, and in the middle of the conversation, the manager’s brother said that his son wants a job and he was preoccupied with him, but he needs a little training and wants to work in your company. I agree..

The manager replied: What is your concern, my brother?

The father's joy, the son's joy, and the mother's joy for that

The next day, the manager expelled the company's treasurer, put his nephew in and trusted him, but he did not know anything.

So the worker went to his house grieved and sad, but hope filled his heart and he insisted on looking for a job, and he found work in a bigger company and they hosted him and started his work.

We must face this problem because it is the cause of society's corruption and ruin

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  • As a manager, it is important to prioritize the best interests of the company and its employees. Hiring decisions should be based on merit and qualifications, not personal relationships. All employees should have an equal opportunity to advance and succeed within the company. By avoiding nepotism and promoting a culture of fairness and meritocracy, a company can create a positive and productive work environment for all of its employees.

  • Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. The unfortunate thing is that, some people have been forced to accept it. This unchallenged practice has become too rampart and because of this thee is too much corruption.

  • As a manager you shouldn't be concerned on how close the person is to you but you should consider the persons capability to the kind of job the person is applying for, apart from that i also think that all employees should be treated equally because it could cause rifts between the employees and nepotism is also one of the things that could lead to disagreement also at schools for example if a teacher is treating a particular student more specially than others it could cause disagreement in the class or in the school.
    So i think nepotism should be be stop if we all want a better country.

  • Yes, I completely agree with you, and I want to say that nepotism is a negative thing for society, and everyone should deal with equality without discrimination, because this hurts others

  • Nepotism is wrong because it is based on choosing someone for reasons other than merit. However, the hiring of family members in and of itself is not always wrong.
    Nepotism In The Workplace And Its Negative Impact
    The Negative Effects of Nepotism in A Workplace
    Leads to a Toxic Workplace. Nobody likes a toxic workplace that can lead to increased stress and burnout levels.
    Poor Productivity and Engagement.
    Drop in Employee Satisfaction.
    High Employee Turnover.
    Damages Company Reputation.