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Nepotism is seen as patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics, it is the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them job, the thing is, nepotism is only prominent when it is not based on merit. But,the thing is that in our present society each and every promotion or priviledge you give your relative even when it is based on ''CREDIT'' is nepotism and that is not right. The fact that other people are nepotic it does not mean everyone is, people don't look at the base of the relative's promotion because they have already programmed their brains to recognise all the individuals progress to be based on nepotic actions. Sometimes, it can be because of jealousy, you may know that the individual is better than you but you don't want to be seen as infirior to him amongst your peers so you cover your shame with the umbrella of ''NEPOTISM'' because his relative is in control. Today, I want to change our mind set and perspective of seeing things, not every relative action taken is nepotism, before you make your judgement, analyze the matter, does he merit it? that is the question you are to check critically before passing your judgement, never rush into conclusion.

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  • I agree most opportunities you give your relation that is base on credit is now seen nepotism and this is not good. It is a mentality most people around the world have. We should not conclude on some thing. We should "never judge a book by it's cover". We should change our perspective of seeing things as you have said and they world would become a better place.

  • I agree. Most people just jump into conclusion. They always think "Every kid with rich parents who has succeeded made it through nepotism." This is wrong. There are many children out there with rich parents who decided to make their own wealth. Some parents don't even support nepotism. An example is the US country singer Marie Osmond. According to BBC, she made a recent vow which was that her children will receive no inheritance. This has reignited a debate about so-called nepo babies. Osmond has an estimated net worth $20million and told a magazine that "her refusal to share her wealth was not malicious" instead, she said "she wanted to make sure her children cultivate their own passions and find their own success". This is an example of a parent who doesn't support nepotism. Another example is British actor Daniel Craig. According to BBC, he has previously said that he finds the idea of inheritance "distasteful", and that his two children will not be getting his $125million fortune. His words in 2020 were "My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go,". But even without an inheritance, Craig's oldest daughter Ella, who is 31 year old, has already made a name for herself.

  • The act of nepotism in our modern day is very hard to understand and analyze based on how people are taking it. Yes, Nepotism involves relation, but not every action a relation take in our modern day is termed as nepotism. The actions of individuals in power does not mean they should not help those who are close to them but in all their good works and acts they should be reminded that they are not to cross the boundaries of nepotism.