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Well, as the press, you are to be transparent in all your dealings because what ever you pass... Not for everyone? 21/5/23
Idea one in some countries is going to be disastrous. I come from Nigeria and Nigeria is one of... What should be done? 21/5/23
Idea one in some countries is going to be disastrous. I come from Nigeria and Nigeria is one of... What should be done? 21/5/23
A ''marvelous wonder'' the exact description I will give about the metaverse. Personally I... The Metaverse a marvelous wonder 18/5/23
I love your ways of seeing things and your standpoint really caught my attention. I know we all... A World Without Nepotism 17/5/23
I have to commend your standpoint, it really caught my attention. The thing is, we all know that... IS THERE SUCH A THING AS AN ILLEGAL STRIKE? 16/5/23
Corruption erodes trust, weakens democracy, hampers economic development and further exacerbates... Corruption is a tool that destroys society. 16/5/23
I really commend your standpoint because as you said, it is "Fair and Clear" Who would have... STRIKES: The decision for vital workers 15/5/23
Well, I duly respect your standpoint, you really hit the nail on it's head. Also, the fact that... THE CROWN IS MORE THAN JUST A FANCY HEADDRESS 12/5/23
Today, we use nepotism to refer to the hiring or promotion of a family member (including... Nepotism a natural tendency 11/5/23
Corruption is a form of dishonesty or a criminal offense which is undertaken by a person or an... Corruption is a tool that destroys society. 11/5/23
Your stand point is one of the best I have seen so far. Who can ever imagine that some one has... Equality 10/5/23
I must really commend you for your splendid standpoint, it really was something. It touched my... Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds 09/5/23
Your standpoint speaks my mind. I must give you kudos for producing such a splendid work. Well,... WORKERS; ESSENTIAL BUT NEGLECTED.. 09/5/23
First of all, I really want to complement your approach to the strike issue, it was really an... The depth of strikes 09/5/23
Well, you have a very marvelous standpoint and the thing that makes it standout is the idea of... METAVERSE: DESTROY OR BUILD 06/5/23
Hello agreeable_language, what an interesting standpoint you have there, i am really impressed... Can the Metaverse be called an Advanced Technology or just an obsession. 06/5/23
Well, you have really inspired me I always lived not caring about my environment because in the... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 06/5/23
Your approach to this topic is exemplary I really commend you for it. Most topical talkers just... Are strikes the only resort 06/5/23
You have a very splendid standpoint, it really caught my attention and one of the most... strike concept . 06/5/23