The nepotism

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Nepotisim ,, is preparing a person over others for his kinship not for his competence.

The importance of the subject to me ...

It affects my country negatively, and the most important thing is that it deprives society of increasing production and development in various fields. It leads to a loss of confidence in the institutions of society, and pushes people to lack a sense of job security and appreciation of efforts, as nepotism leads to brain drain, violence, and class hatred for the absence of justice and equality. It causes corruption, which is the main reason for the collapse of societies.

Disadvantages of nepotism...

It hinders the right person to reach the right place. It reduces the rate of success and development if the person is incompetent for the level of work. Nepotism pushes a person to despair and frustration because of his failure to reach a job that suits his capabilities.

Nepotism in the news...

Jaden and Willow Smith are the children of well-known actors Jada and Will Smith. When they were children, they both starred in movies with their father. As adults, they chose to drop a famous surname in some of their artworks.

Ways to combat nepotism...

Existence of deterrent penalties to limit the spread of nepotism, as there is no special law in my country that stipulates a clear penalty for nepotism. Educating individuals and institutions about the seriousness of this phenomenon and the importance of combating it, teaches children from an early age the value and importance of justice and equality.

Finally,, I will ask you a few questions regarding my topic...

⚫Do you agree with me that nepotism has a role in delaying the wheel of development?

⚫Do you have a different point of view than mine on the subject of nepotism?

⚫Did you like my standpoint ?

⚫Do you find my standpoint appropriate and developed according to the instructions?

Thank you

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  • Yes, I agree with you that nepotism has a role in delaying the wheel of development this is because the use of nepotism-babies in our world today is seriously delaying the growth of different countries and the world at large.
    Those in power do not care to look at the level or rate of responsibility of the individual who they are employing, they just go on to employ individuals based on the fact that he/she is their friend, relative, or kin. Nepotism is really affecting the futures of very agile and intelligent individuals in the society who may have been influential in the development and growth of the country but because of those who are in power and involve in practices of nepotism and unfair advantages over others, there tends to be a draw back in development. Nepotism in organizations leads to monopolization of power because when members involved in institutional decision-making are related, decisions made within institutions risk favoring a group of closely connected people. Nepotism can also occur within organizations, when a person is employed due to their familial ties.

  • Yes, I agree with you nepotism really has a way of bringing down development. In my point of view nepotism causes most of the problems today and is part of the causes of poverty and loss of lives. Yes I find your standpoint interesting and I will love to continue discussing this topic.

  • Hi jovial_bear,
    I'm sorry to say but I disagree with your standpoint. Although nepotism is bad and I would not encourage giving jobs to people who didn't earn it just because they are your friends or relatives but I feel that every parent should be permitted to support their children in the various careers of their choice, whether a parent is famous or not he or she should be allowed to support his or her child and also if the child has worked hard enough to rightfully earn the job position I feel there should be nothing preventing the parent from giving the child the job position. As I said in one of my other comments '' Most nepo-babies would have been quite talented to have made it to the limelight''. Parents should be allowed to support their children and if the children excel in the career path they have chosen to follow and the parents give them job positions, I feel no one has the right to accuse the parents of nepotism because the children have rightfully earned the position. I can say I have watched some of the movies acted by Jaden Smith like The karate kid and Life in a year and I can say he is a really good actor, I think his dad Will Smith really did a good job by supporting him in the film industry and this support has made Jaden Smith outshine in his career. I hope that from this comment you see things from a different perspective.