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⚫ I feel that the most discussed topics that aroused my passion is the topic of Earth Day... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 10/5/23
The skill that I will focus on is speaking listening, by listening you understand the speaker's... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 10/5/23
I will talk about the role of artificial intelligence in education.... In a previous comment, I... AI poll results! 05/5/23
I will tell you about the role of artificial intelligence in medicine.... Artificial... AI poll results! 05/5/23
I'm going to talk about people with special needs... Today in the chapter we learned about... Reflect on the lesson! 05/5/23
I noticed that all the comments talk about two types of art, singing and painting. However, art... AI poll results! 04/5/23
I believe that the artist's effort to paint a painting with his hand deserves more appreciation... AI poll results! 04/5/23
I believe that artificial intelligence should be exploited for the benefit of humanity. It can... Topical Talk in your classrooms 04/5/23
Disadvantages of artificial intelligence... I previously talked about one of the negatives of... Topical Talk in your classrooms 03/5/23
Disadvantages of artificial intelligence... Of course, every aspect of the development of... Topical Talk in your classrooms 03/5/23
Hi 👋 We have just finished an important discussion on the topic of artificial... Topical Talk in your classrooms 03/5/23
The thing that affected me the most. Earth Day theme. I had no idea how dangerous plastic... Competition #4 Then and now 01/5/23
Hello Clover 👋 I am so happy to be able to talk to you and experts like you 😊 I want to ask... …Clover Hogan! 28/4/23
Yes, of course we had a discussion about it. I believe that the people have the freedom to... Reflect on the lesson! 28/4/23
I agree with you. And I believe that the worst thing about the monarchy is that there is no... Suggest a discussion! 28/4/23
Society will develop and prosper, and interest in the scientific aspect will increase, which... Suggest a discussion! 28/4/23
Parents strike... Parents of students strike to reduce the education curricula for their... Lessons learned! 27/4/23
I believe that the theme of Earth Day is very important, so we must, in one way or another,... Competition #3 Making connections 25/4/23
Teachers strike... Because of the high cost of living in my country, teachers complained about... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
Yes, of course, I agree with you, because the strike is the last legal solution to meet the... Lessons learned! 20/4/23