Metaverse the future of generation.

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Metaverses are hypothetical future versions of the Internet, made up of decentralized, permanently connected 3D simulations.

Reliance on social networking applications has increased in recent years, especially after the spread of the Corona epidemic and the adoption of many companies to work remotely, using various types of communication applications to connect business and complete tasks, and from here it was necessary for metaverse applications that can secure three-dimensional communication between users to be active and search It seeks a position among communication applications, based on the need created by the period of social distancing imposed during the pandemic and the desire to create a community for virtual communication between individuals.

Metaverse and virtual conferences

It is expected that many future meetings and conferences will be designed and implemented using metaverse technologies, where company representatives meet together in their actual or avatar forms in virtual halls. Perhaps the use of hologram technology in the future will support metaverse conferences, which will allow dispense with virtual reality glasses.

The Metaverse and the Children of the Future

Do you know that after 50 years there will be virtual children playing with you, and also it will not harm any mother to leave her son in the nursery, but there will be a lady from the world of metaverses who takes care of your child

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  • Wah, I really liked your words, and it's so cool to have virtual people playing with you and chatting. I loved this thing.
    And yes, of course, in the time of Corona, we had a tragic need for it

  • I agree with you poetic_nature this
    because I believe metaverse will change many people's life alot because now at days children love metaverse alot . And it has alot of advantage ,that if the whole world know about metaverse I am sure 90% of the world will use it and 10% will not because not everyone that will be interested but even here in Nigeria I know alot of people that love metaverse and can do alot of things for metaverse.

  • Dear respected experts .... Greetings and after: I will write my comment now, and with all due respect, I hope that you will not reject it because of the large number of comments that come from Palestine. This is not our fault.... Every country seeks progress and I respect your decision whatever it is...
    I'll be objective: "You said that a mother in 50 years wouldn't have to worry about her son...and that a woman from the Metaverse would take care of your child...Your opinion might strongly disagree with me." Firstly, a mother's heart is always worried about her children.. Secondly, I believe that no child under the age of three can enter the Metaverse space. So the mother is not safe from her son, so she must anticipate every danger. ... And your topic is very cool and useful '... 🌠 But my question is for you. Do you think (what is the permissible age for a person to enter the Metaverse?!)

    1. Hi polite_dinosaur,

      Thanks for your comment. Please see this post which explains our approach to moderating comments!

    2. True, Metaverse, as we said, is the future generation, and it will greatly affect the children of now and the children of the future, and it is correct and preferable that the activists on Metaverse have a certain and legal age, but there may be an activation button for the mother, as she starts activating the Metaverse nursery, but this issue is according to the mother’s choice Because in the end, as I said, a mother may not like the incubation of the Metaverse. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Your opinion matters to us...