Space, and I will meet you and meet whoever I want

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The Metaverse is a wonderful, beautiful subject that we needed to know about because most of us don't seek to find something new...but you've aimed in this festival to make a few important points that we need to know...and I'll start with my opinion:

I've learned that the metaverse is one big space in which we design whatever we want.. and it's beautiful. We can enter it at any time and meet whoever we want anywhere in this world... I liked this topic because I didn't know all the information from this contest. After I posted this thread, I did the research to find out what exactly it is... I was happy when I told my friends about this information about Metaverse .. Because they love to know the unknown and explore, especially in the modern world and advanced equipment .. But the Metaverse space will broadcast in 2026, I think ... But there are questions that baffled me.

1- What is the age allowed to enter the Metaverse?

2- If we enter, will we be in a safe environment?

3-And is it possible for all people to enter Metavir where humans are actually rare?!

.. These are probably vexing questions, I will think and you think to find out more ...

In the end, I like its positive aspects, and I will mention its negatives, and I will talk about this topic on our school radio, and I will alert myself and my colleagues to know everything that is new and not to leave these things because we must know them ...

Thank you for this wonderful and organized festival. I thank the participating students from all over the world. They have great ideas. I learned a lot from them, even in subjects I was ignorant of. The students motivated me to get to know them through their comments and questions... In the end, I thank you all and hope our school wins in this festival❤

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  • Hello
    There has been widespread talk about Metaverse recently, and some see it as a three-dimensional version of the Web, whose detailed features are still vague. Metaverse merges entities from the real world through their digital twins into digital three-dimensional worlds using virtual reality technologies and avatars, and holograms may join them in the future... but I will answer your questions🧐
    1- When I searched, I did not find a specific age, but I think that Metaverse less than three years old will not be entered. ...
    2- According to my research, the metaverse will be very dangerous, as it threatens some applications and may be a danger to us, but at the same time it is linked to artificial intelligence, where you design whatever you want, and the Internet user will not sit on the metaverse except for an hour, so perhaps there are positives and negatives, which is double-edged, and we must warn him. In this case...
    3- As I said, the Internet user is only allowed to spend an hour on the Metaverse, so there will be no danger to the world unless it progresses and develops after many years....
    These are my answers..

  • A beautiful point of view, and I agree with you. I am really looking forward to answering the questions posed by the festival and the students as well. I also liked every detail in this program. It also brings countries together. I believe that the metaverse is safe if humans use it in a good and correct way. I give my thanks and respect for this program. I really hope that our school You win first place.

  • Good questions. I think the age limit for entry is. From the age of 14__15 (I know that this age is in adolescence and becomes addictive if we specify this age, but Limitavers can set the time for users to reduce addiction and to facilitate adaptation to real life and virtual life) ......

    I think that if we enter, we will not always be in a safe environment, so we can be in constant danger if we frequent the applications a lot because it increases the knowledge of intruders and bullies about you, this is something that is not good, so I think that you should not hesitate a lot for applications because they are not very safe and anyone can steal Your personal information and so on ......

    No, not everyone can enter, because if everyone enters, of course there will be bad people and they will make the Metaverse more dangerous and negative for humans.

    These are my views, I hope you like them, thank you

  • The penetration of the metavirus does not have a specific age, but it depends on the level of consciousness of the person who interacts with the metavirus, regardless of whether he is a child, an adult or an adult, but children must be supervised by their parents for children and adolescents, because adolescents are also at a more dangerous age for interacting with the metavirus. So I fear them from accessing pornographic films, as this exposes them to danger and corruption of their morals. * Since the Metaphor is a world beyond reality, everyone is allowed to enter and interact with the Metaphor, whether he is old, young, smart or stupid, everyone interacts with him correctly.