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I believe that striking is the right of all workers, so it forces the government to pay them a... Strikes Unleashed: Should Workers Hold the Power? 18/5/23
One of the drawbacks of artificial intelligence is that if it develops more than that, you will... Artists are not happy with the existence of AI 18/5/23
One of the negatives of Metaverse is the increase in intruders and bullies on the Internet,... Metaverse 18/5/23
The workers can form a ministerial council and bring in all the presidents and the government... Strikes changed the world 17/5/23
Favoritism..... It is the preference of one person over several persons because of kinship, not... Nepotism: an epidemic that must be confronted 17/5/23
Yes, he can reshape the future of art. How? Because artificial intelligence can reshape because... Can Artificial Intelligence Reshape the Future of Art? 17/5/23
Yes, either I spend with you that artists are never happy with the existence of arts because it... Artists are not happy with the existence of AI 17/5/23
Yes, I am opposed to strikes because they affect our lives in a lot of ways. We as human beings.... Strikes changed the world 17/5/23
We can reduce the use of means of transportation and the use of bicycles to reduce the footprint... How can climate be reduced? 16/5/23
Yes, of course, it is very useful because it helps reduce carbon footprints, so we help reduce... Are our efforts for renewable energy really helping? 15/5/23
I think that if he is not talented, he will leave work with his mother and work in the work he... Where does nepotism start? 11/5/23
I believe that listening, discussing, and talking with others are the most important and great... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 10/5/23
I think that Emma was talented in imitation and acting, so her father chose her to act in one of... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I do not agree with you at all. I do not think that strikes are the only recourse. There are... Are strikes the only resort 10/5/23
I think it is possible to talk to the work official about the thing that bothers them at work,... strike concept . 10/5/23
I think that students have a very big role in saving the earth. They can teach and educate... Save the planet 09/5/23
Will unemployment spread with the development of artificial intelligence??. Of course, with the... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 09/5/23
Good questions. I think the age limit for entry is. From the age of 14__15 (I know that this age... Space, and I will meet you and meet whoever I want 09/5/23
I believe that the strike can have many negative effects on us as human beings. If the... strike concept . 08/5/23
I also changed my point of view on this subject. I used to think that it was boring, but in this... AI and art are two faces for one coin 08/5/23