Should Strikes be allowed?

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Striking is an important topic as there are many positive and negative things about it. I believe that strikes should not be allowed as it means that there would be less people doing their jobs which could be bad. Striking could help people to receive a pay rise which could go to many different things. On the other hand, striking could lead to less people doing the job which could be dangerous and unsafe. For example, if teachers strike then some students may receive less education which is important because education is the most important thing for students.

Many people may say that strikes should not be allowed because some people could have extremely important jobs, like doctors and teachers, and if they strike then there would be less people to do their job. This shows that striking can be bad as if doctors go on strike then people that might be injured or have a health problem, then there would be less people to help them and that could lead to bad things such as deaths and more. On the other hand, if striking is allowed then people could receive a pay rise which could go into better work conditions (like better equipment), or could go to the people who deserve a pay rise for their important jobs. Overall, striking has good and some bad consequences and people may have very different opinions and views on whether it is good or not.

In my opinion, I believe that striking should not be allowed. This is because there are many people that are striking with important jobs such as: railway workers, doctors, nurses, ambulance workers, teachers, university staff and more. If ambulance workers go on strike, many people could be affected. This is because if someone had a severe injury, then ambulances would not be able to get to them fast which could lead to many deaths. Also, if teachers and university staff go on strike, then there would be less people to teach students that need education which could be bad. Striking usually takes place on roads with hundreds of people. Because of this police cars, ambulances and more might not be able to get past which could lead to negative things. On the other hand, some people work in terrible conditions so an increase in pay could be very helpful in making it better. Overall, I believe that most people should not be able to strike but some should in order to have better equipment and work conditions.

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  • Strikes i feel is allowed this is mainly because in every business the workers are important because they are the body of the business. So strikes are allowed because it is a way of saying your mind and what you don't like about your job
    1. Striking is a last resort but sometimes the only tool for workers to protect themselves.
    This is because in businesses strikes are the only ways for their boss to listen to them
    2. To avoid being at the complete mercy of employers.
    3. To give more of a balance between worker and employer power.
    4. Without it, more and more governments will stop industrial action and punish people who dare to strike.
    5. Most strikes are over pay and better working conditions. Without the threat of strike action, corporations will be able to make bigger profits, while working conditions will get worse.
    As said earlier strikes are a way of saying what you want.