strike problem.

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This time I will present my stand point on the issue of strikes. Strike: It is an action taken by employees to increase wages. In my standpoint, strikes are the right of every employee who works hard all the time and has the right to get a high wage. I am not saying that the strike is not a problem. No, it is a big problem. And the problem is big when the teacher and the doctor. The teacher is responsible for the life of the students, and the doctor is responsible for the life of all people, as he is the barrier between the patient and his grave. When the teacher strikes, the students sit at home without any means for them to learn. I have experience with strikes. The strike was a horror for me. In the year when there is a strike, we students get low grades at the end of the year. And the doctor, when he strikes, who will treat the patient who needs treatment? Of course the doctor. I suggest that there be a strike, but with the exception of: the teacher, the doctor and the workers in the special services. They are the most important people that they should not strike because their presence is very important. Whoever goes on strike, whether a teacher, doctor or employee, must pay a fine . As for the government, it must raise wages so that no one goes on strike and everyone masters his work. that is my standpoint.
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  • I disagree because, a strike is a legal right and why should someone be compelled to pay a fine if they stike. I know strikes cause many problems to the people that are involved, but strike are only carried ou so that the terms and conditions of the workers can be met. For example, you say that doctors should not go on strike but what if they are going on strike because they are not being supplied with quality equipments that are used to cater for their patients, so you are saying they should not go on strike and bear the guilty that someones life was lost in their hands. The fact that workers go on strike, is not of their own will it is because they have attempted all legal and rightful steps but their voices are not being heard and theirs terms are not met. Having to fine them just because they carrying out their rights is bad. So we are meant to be looking for better ways in solving this emminent problem instead of worsing it, because just fineing them and depriving them of their right will just make them lazy and nonchalant in their duties. I hope my comment has been able to affect your way of reasoning.