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Hello!! the topic I selected is about strikes ,they are alomost everywhere in the world ,most workers strike for many reason but can government do something to stop strikes .

Most of them arise for a number of reasobs,through principally in response to economic conditions and meant to improve wages and benefits or labour practices intended to improve work conditions.other strikes can stem from sympathy with other striking unions or form jurisdictional disputes between two unions.

In most industrilized countries ,the right to strike is granted in principle to private sector workers.some countries however ,require that specific effort toward settlement be made before a strike can be called.

strikes can occur because of the following reasons

*Salary and incentive problems.

*Hours of work and rest intervals

*Wrongful discharge or dismissal of workmen

*Leaves with wages and holidays

*Retechment of workmen and closure of establishment

*Disputes connected with minimum wages

*Dissatisafaction with company policy

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  • Hi Openminded_Bilberry - thanks for the list of reasons why people strike. You say that the government can do something to stop strikes. What do you mean by that? What could they do?

    1. In my perspective I believe the government can stop strike means as the government as a higher hand in the nation welfare it can easier make a decision that is adequate to all

      What could they do ??
      They could run a periodic check on organizational activities
      They could have a one on one talk with few worker so as mode of administration can be discussed
      They should not only the hearer but they should be the doer by taking maximum action toward strikes